Alexander Hamilton Obituary (1944 – 2022) – Redondo Beach, CA

Alex Hamilton is a life coach, chess player, backpacker and key / coffee maker. He left a legacy to inspire and encourage all who knew him. He passed away peacefully on June 9, 2022 at his Redondo Beach home.

He was born on December 6, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York to Scottish-immigrant father Andrew Hamilton and Irish-immigrant mother Mary Kellett. He was called “Sandy” and was much closer to his sister Kathleen who was much older than his sister Marie. At a young age he excelled as a handball player and developed a love for chess. He also wanted to learn to bag, but his father spoke strongly against him. “Take something suitable, boy. Like a piano! You don’t have to go to a parade, nor take a piano.” But as a young rebel, Sandy took the bags. Years later, he was Pipe Major for the County Tyrone Pipe Band: New York City’s oldest. For some years, on St. Patrick’s Day.

In college, he worked as a clerk at a large bank, then managed the logistics & distribution of Thomas’s English Muffins where he learned to drive an 18 -wheeler and developed much love for cars. He worked as a New York City driver for the summer and later became a skilled and reliable driver.

Alex earned his Masters Degree at St. Louis University. He began as a teacher for high school students, and became a graduate of NYC High School after earning a PhD-equivalent business degree from Pace University which entitles him to called “Dr. Hamilton”. Few people knew that, although Alex did not introduce himself in his title.

He was a thoughtful, cheerful and fearless man with a pleasant mind and a lot of interesting things. What set her apart was the constant pursuit of her knowledge by doing: “Let’s google it!” As a result, Alex always has something interesting to do, so he becomes an innovator and motivator. He truly lived and learned to inspire others. She was the first person in her family to go to college, and helping others achieve their goals through education was one of her passions. In her later years she became involved in student leadership on the East Coast and West Coast.

He also loved his local chess team at Alondra Park. He considered it a very good game – even though he lost – if he had learned anything. And he had fun with it: a few days passed without him playing any kind of game. At, Sandy finished in the 88th percentile.

Alex is an active member of Journey of Faith Church in Manhattan Beach. He reached a full measure of faith in his mid -40s. However, in some circles he was ashamed of it. He believed that faith and goodness should be expressed better in deeds than in words, and he lived as he did. Alex is generous with his time, energy, money, and willingness to contribute to others.

He faced life’s biggest challenges with a calm heart. “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine” is the kindly advice. Then he would say another time, “A problem that is postponed is a problem that is over.” And Alex knew how to avoid things he didn’t want to do.

He often spoke of Abraham Lincoln’s experience ““ Most people are just as happy as they think they are. ”And so Alex chose to be happy.

Alex was always surprised. His interest was like that of a 7 -year -old boy. But the different thing about Alex is that he works because of his passion – always following the rope to new knowledge, always looking for new music, pictures, books, and videos on various topics.

So he was always interested. Sometimes long or hard – which is unexpected, even though it’s the winning argument for both teams – Alex is smart too. And Levi went after him, and laughed at him. However, he could stand firm, and be angry at his opposition to injustice. He was not angry, but when provoked, he was able to think outside and change most of the people who came.

Alex’s legacy is hope, joy, motivation and WORK. He is survived by his wife Edith Miszti Hamilton, in -laws, Edith’s 3 brothers and their families, as well as 7 sisters and grandchildren in the Western Hemisphere. She is survived by three children, Andy, Dan and Mary who play in the bag, and their husbands 3 and 6 children.

Alex Hamilton’s funeral will be held on June 25, 2022 at 10 AM, at Journey of Faith Church at 1243 Artesia Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA. After a reception at 11:30 AM, and burial at Green Hills Cemetery in Rancho Palos Verdes at 3 PM. Arrangements are being conducted through Green Hills Mortuary.

Those who wish to remember Alex in a special way can donate a gift that can be deducted in full tax (instead of flowers, please) to the “Alexander T. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Fund” at https : // -t-hamilton-memorial-scholarship-fund/

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