The appearance of the Blazers will probably irritate Damian Lillard!

To return from a mediocre year, Portland needs to sign good players. Except for the latest report about them, however, it’s cold water for players… like Damian Lillard, who was very hot in the file in question.

Only 12 in the West this season after consistently reaching the playoffs in the past, the Blazers haven’t given up on their desire. With the coaching lead duo made up of Chauncey Billups and Damian Lillard, the idea is to quickly return to the Top 8 of the conference. For that, however, we need to improve the list, which was a bit low after CJ McCollum’s trade last February’s deadline.

It was an exciting time for Zach LaVine, however, the leaders of Rip City will fall according to the latest information. Another high -profile player who has been pulling them for a while is pivot Deandre Ayton, who is leaving the Suns. Lillard demanded that he be arrested, but again, the franchisee doesn’t appreciate the news reported by Jake Fischer. According to the author of Bleacher reportThe first draft n ° 1 will not be repealed:

Deandre Ayton’s departure route in Portland

Portland doesn’t appear to be a good fit for free agent Deandre Ayton, teachers said. The Trail Blazers are expected to retain center Jusuf Nurkic and form Toronto Raptors coach OG Anunoby when they compete for the 7th round. But there is growing talk about Portland possibly giving Oklahoma City seven picks for the No. 1 pick. 12 and a package that could include Lu Dort.

A recorder of 15 points, 11 rebounds and nearly 3 assists on average in 2021-22, the Bosnian is seen as a best friend of Dame DOLLA The problem is that he is the weakest, unable to wall of 60 games inside. sometime from 2019… On top of that, Ayton is an asset that has been compared to him, in theory. So it’s not in this way that Portland will improve, a very worrying sign for the rest of the summer.

But what about the big man from Arizona, whose end of the year had a major online theatrical performance ? In fact, even though he wasn’t expected to play in Oregon, he was still on his way out. According to Fischer, there are four franchises still running on his file, the only companies playing in the East. Here are some examples that are being sold for a big pivot in the market:

The most realistic landmarks for Ayton outside of Phoenix will be known as Atlanta, Detroit and Toronto, all of which will feature sign -up times and trade -offs for the Suns. Employees of the company also spoke today about Ayton’s trade in Indiana for Myles Turner. Turner and Ayton are similar.

Instead of following up with Deandre Ayton, the Blazers will be more interested in the status quo in an attempt to improve Jusuf Nurkic. He may have been close to Damian Lillard, it is not clear if the leadership would be convinced by this development.

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