How Michael Cheika, the Wallabies’ first coach, competed against the Argentina Pumas, Lebanese rugby league and NEC Green Rockets.

At the end of 2020, the manner in which the Lions were training and honoring his legacy saw Cheika jump into Lebanon’s coaching season at the 2021 Rugby League World Cup, following in the footsteps of Brad Fittler. The illness delayed the World Cup for a year, however, criticizing the photo given to Cheika also took him a job as a rugby leader for the Chiba-based Green Rockets.

Michael Cheika worked as coach of Trent Robinson at Sydney Roosters.aie:Roosters Digital

Then, when Ledesma decided to leave America in February this year and the UAR came to knock – ‘will you coach the Pumas at the 2023 Rugby World Cup?’ – Cheika found herself with three jobs and only enough hours a day.

And in the coming weeks, things promise to start earning necessary hard working.

After returning from Japan, where the Green Rockets successfully defended their Top League relegation, Cheika will study his first games for Lebanon and Argentina. The Cedars begin their journey to the World Cup in October by taking on Malta at the Belmore Sports Ground next Wednesday, and then, on July 2 in San Salvador, Cheika will train the Pumas in the first game of the third-Test team with Scotland.

“Well, they’re all different and they’re all very different,” Cheika said.

“There are three very different things. In Japan, it’s a very good experience for me because I don’t belong to a group that competes under the table. We won our first game in three years this year, and we survived the first half, which was unexpected and a very good result for us.

Michael Cheika is training with the Pumas in 2020.

Michael Cheika is training with the Pumas in 2020.aie:Getty

“The Lebanese competition is very different. Trying to find sponsors, setting up a promoter, trying to go to the polls and players in a lot of competitions, there are men I don’t know. And then just trying to create that space, but that’s easy because I really like it.

“And then of course, Argentina, which is very popular to play. It’s the highest level of the game.

Cheika’s relationship with Argentina began in 2012 when he coached at Stade Francais and hired Ledesma as a first -team coach. The 84-Test hooker joined Cheika at the Waratahs and Wallabies in 2015, and when Ledesma became Argentina coach in 2017, Cheika returned first after five years with the Wallabies. with him as a Pumas mentor in 2020.

It was held in Australia, with The Rugby Championship set up here, but Cheika had a different experience.

“I will not lie. When they come in for the first time to help and they give me a good blue team, I have to put in a little bit every now and then, every day, ”Cheika said.

The departure of good friend Mario Ledesma opened the door for Cheika to become head coach for the Pumas.

The departure of good friend Mario Ledesma opened the door for Cheika to become head coach for the Pumas.aie:Stuart Walmsley

“I told the boys ‘sorry, I can only wear this piece today and that bit tomorrow, because I have to get used to it.’

Pumas denied the COVID-19’s crucial results to famously win the All Blacks in 2020 at Bankwest Stadium, but after some tough years, Ledesma decided to call the time out earlier this year.

“We had conversations there, I was just trying to encourage him no, he did blood work,” Cheika said.

“They had a very difficult time, a lot of challenges were put in front of them, obviously with the COVID-19 status and then the removal of their team from Super Rugby. The move of their entire player to the right side.

Asked if he thinks responsible, Cheika jumped right in at the end of the question – can he train against the Wallabies? Can he do everything in his power to win a team that he has dedicated so much to ten years ago that is trying to become a world leader?

“It’s very difficult, there’s no doubt about it,” Cheika said of his decision to agree.

As a Wallabies coach, Cheika has always said he will not be able to train against Australia until mid -2020, he told London’s. The Time: “I always felt like I couldn’t go back and train against a team I had previously coached. I think he is about to be betrayed. “

Cheika doesn’t hide from the word – nor from her conversion.

“When I said that, I thought. When you’re in that position, you have to believe that you – and I’m saying this in the right way – are there forever, ”Cheika said.

“You won’t be there forever but your job is to help Dave [Rennie] is doing now, and what Dave is doing now is to help someone later. Maybe in the past in Australia it wasn’t like that. Perhaps a coach was left in poverty for the future. I always like that. It was something we lacked and we were always hard on our coaches, and there was always the bitter taste left. I never liked that.

“Some of the drivers were quickly fired, by the way, but not really with the staff and players.

“And I think I’ve taken good care of myself. I’m always supportive, not going in there to try to cut out the chaps and ‘I’m better than that’ and all the carriers.

I think everyone is doing their best. And that’s how I knew then. When people write ‘he won’t teach against Australia’, they don’t understand what that right means. It’s important for the game, in general. You have to go in, or what are you doing? “

David Pocock speaks with Wallabies coach Michael Cheika at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

David Pocock speaks with Wallabies coach Michael Cheika at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.aie:Rugby AU Media/Stuart Walmsley

Cheika isn’t serious about asking a solid question. He will continue to be very supportive of his country but when the Wallabies play the Pumas, he will join his team. And they shall not separate one from another.

“I remember telling Mario when we were playing Argentina, if you want to sing your song, go. It’s your country. I see where your determination is, footy-wise, don’t worry .I know what you want to win the game, you don’t have to worry about that, ”Cheika said.

Michael Cheika coached the Green Rockets on the Chiba ice rink in March.

Michael Cheika coached the Green Rockets on the Chiba ice rink in March.

Will Cheika sing two songs?

“I love Australia, he won’t say. But I think out of gratitude, maybe you should stay calm and not let that feeling get to you,” Cheika said. “Because at the end of the day, it’s not about the game. It’s about me getting the team ready.”

After training against Argentina in the 2015 World Cup semi-finals, and through poor wins (Salta) and losses (Gold Coast), Cheika is undoubtedly ranked 8th in the world in the league. talent to succeed from their long -term status. a group “on the cusp”.

He has ideas about his performance, and continues the “evolution” of the Pumas, but the first big challenge is pulling the team together.

After the Jaguares were cut off during Super Rugby’s post-pandemic restructure, Argentinian players are close to being re-established in the north. Everyone has responsibility in the form of a partnership and responsible diplomacy is important, but time consuming.

As usual, Cheika took first from the left, as did former Melbourne and South Sydney NRL player David Kidwell as a defensive coach.

Tim Mannah, Mitchell Moses and Robbie Farah play for Lebanon in the 2017 World Cup.

Tim Mannah, Mitchell Moses and Robbie Farah play for Lebanon in the 2017 World Cup.aie:NRL Photos

“He stayed at our place in Clovelly and we talked, watched some games and guided each other,” Cheika said.

Cheika assured the UAR that he would not relinquish his commitment to Lebanon for the RLWC in October and with their approval, the coach will juggle the two activities. Coaches from both teams will be given the power to run the show if fights cannot be avoided.

The Cedars begin their campaign against New Zealand on October 16 and if things go as expected (with Lebanon winning the Irish water championships), the the final quarter of the World Cup in Huddersfield against the Kangaroos on Friday, November 4 was a very strong one.

The next day? A dispute between the United States and England over the sale of Twickenham.


Dueling with Mal Meninga and Eddie Jones in a 24-hour period was an unseen piece of advice, but Cheika made a map. Sometimes he did not sleep.

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