Shaq’s complete craziness in a restaurant this week!

Shaquille O’Neal is not debate He’s the kindest guy in the NBA microcosm, and he always reminds fans of that. This week, for example, she did something crazy in a restaurant, by chaining beautiful styles for customers and staff.

Shaquille O’Neal He’s one of the greatest players in history, so he can lead his life the way he does, according to Michael Jordan, in the association to which his relatives had the right to participate. But Diesel doesn’t seem to work like this, it’s so close to “normal people” that it can be met on the street or in stores. He reaffirmed this week on a trip to the convenience store:

I know it’s an easy Monday for you Shaq, but it’s a forgotten day for everyone in the store. Thank you for your kindness and patience and allow us to take pictures. I wanted to give you your sandwiches but you insisted on paying. You are good!

Shaquille O’Neal’s $ 25,000 ticket!

Although he was able to accept a free sandwich for a picture the supermarket manager would never forget, Shaq insisted on paying, just like a regular customer. The kind of gratitude he showed a few days ago, at the restaurant, was in deciding to pay for everything. Not the smallest restaurant in the area with twelve seats, but a restaurant with over 40 tables! The network Sixth page report:

Shaquille O’Neal arrived in Chelsea, a high -rise neighborhood in New York, with an unidentified woman around 8:30 pm She was heard talking about a “laugh”. He ordered Asian chicken, shrimp and tempura. After he finished his meal, he handed a cup to the waiter and cook of the restaurant in question. But that is not all.

One teacher told us she wanted to be smart and asked the staff not to tell the customers that she was paying for everything, that is, more than 40 courses. The bill was more than $ 25,000, which did not stop him from leaving the pinnacle of the restaurant’s history. Her team is hooked but doesn’t want to respond to this beautiful story.

Shaquille O’Neal has testified many times that he is probably the most generous man in the NBA microcosm, and especially at Christmas, he said. provide high -tech gifts to an entire school ! He made millions during his career, he always made millions for his many investments, and he denied that he was the only one to benefit from his career. Behind this great player there is above all a great heart.

Shaquille O’Neal wants to do him well and he pays often for other customers, whether at the restaurant or in the store only for shopping. In addition to being a special counselor, she is an independent person.

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