Is a circle not at the right height? But who watches the hoops in the NBA?

At some point in the past few weeks, we’ve seen Warriors players asking for hoops to be checked, which was the case in the first round against the Nuggets, or last week on Boston during Game 3, where. Gary Payton II think something is wrong. In fact, the TD Garden’s circumference is much higher than the 3m05 resolution, requiring some work.

“The players are very alert for that,” he said Steve Kerr, after the crime has been discovered. “Players can see him.”

A small change in their equipment on a daily basis, whether it was a ball or a circle, was not noticed by the players. But the question we can ask ourselves: how can this be? You might think things are always monitored by lions or franchises, but this is not the case.

If the ligue pays too much attention to small details such as holding the bow, the height of it, the weight they can support, their angle of flexion and their stiffness, only one. man is commanded to look at everything! It was called Drew Sorenson and has managed all NBA baskets for over 30 years.

He is seen not in every meeting and he goes to every room during the preseason to make sure the panels and circles appreciate the positions, then he makes a second record at then in the middle and back before the game, before the end. And about it.

It’s not enough, though, that even during the NBA finals, baskets are in high demand, especially at the technical level. They are equipped with 3 video cameras in a small space, with a real 360 ° camera, as well as microphones and cables. It’s understandable why Drew Sorenson was so careful to keep the ring level from Game 3 offense again after the Celtics dunk trampoline training, where the circuit was damaged and changed slightly.

There’s no doubt tonight for Game 6, the biggest game of the season, everything will be fixed.



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