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In today’s National Hockey League rumor summary, how close are the St. Louis Blues to working on an extension with striker David Byron? Meanwhile, the arbitrator to hear Evander Kane’s case with San Jose Sharks won’t be available again until July.

How does that affect the team that signs them up for free agency? Finally, is Barry Trotz headed for the Nashville Predators and will Ryan Strom stay with the New York Rangers?

Byron & Blues didn’t talk about the extension

According to Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic, St. Louis Blues manager Doug Armstrong has not spoken with Byron about a new deal, although both sides have made clear they want to continue working together and the offer has been extended.

David Byron St Louis Blues
David Perron, St. Louis Blues (Jess Starr/Hockey Book)

His agent, Alan Walsh, remains silent about where things are, but Rutherford writes:

A source familiar with the situation (not Walsh or Byron) said that Peron’s initial blues offer was for two years at a much lower salary than he had expected. This led to some frustration for the player who proved multiple times he wanted to be in St. Louis, re-signed in 2016 after being traded to Edmonton and re-signed in 2018 after being left unprotected in a Vegas expansion project.

Source – “What I Hear About Blues UFAs: Latest on Perron, Husso, Leddy and Bozak” – Jeremy Rutherford – 06/15/2022

Peron has a market value of more than $8 million per season, so if he gets an offer nowhere near what he paid last season ($4 million) it wouldn’t be surprising that he wouldn’t be happy.

The Blues also have to figure out what to do with goalkeeper Ville Husso, whose free agency is expected to be worth more than $4 million a season. The two sides did not speak but it is expected that it will happen. It might not matter because Hoso is more likely to test free agency and value himself for what the blues can pay.

Kane’s arbitration case will not be decided before free agency

In a decision that seems odd given the consequences, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley has provided an update on Evander Kane’s contract dispute with San Jose Sharks. He advised all parties involved not to expect a decision before the opening of the NHL Free Agency on July 13. the reason? The arbitrator is not available until next month for the next hearing.

Bill Daly says arbitration in Evander Kane’s terminated contract with #SJSharks may not be resolved before the free agency opens on July 13. The arbitrator is not available for the next hearing until next month.

TSN .’s Chris Johnston notes, “In the event that Evander Kane’s complaint remains unresolved at the start of the NHL free agency, it is not expected to prevent him from signing another contract for 2022-23 (and possibly beyond).” This opens questions about what the team has to offer because the Sharks must be in trouble for teams if they lose their complaint. Or, as other sources have pointed out, should they be forced to pay the contract in full, it is believed that there is a wrinkle where Kane could, once again, become king of the sharks. If that happens, what happens to his deal with a new team?

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For example, if the Oilers want to sign with Kane but don’t know the outcome of the complaint with the sharks, should they offer $5 million and hope the sharks will pay the other $2 million? Or do they act as if the sharks wouldn’t have to pay anything and then kick themselves if they gave Kane $7 million and they could sign him for less? Should Kane and any interested team now wait for the grievance to be sorted out? How does this affect the team’s other free agency plans?

Trotz buying a home in Nashville?

Elliot Friedman on The Jeff Maric Show: “There was a lot of talk about Trotz buying a house in Nashville yesterday…One of the things I thought if he moved into management now, it might be with the Predators, ready to say if you wanted to Come to the administration, come and join us.”

The Trotz lottery belongs to two teams, the predator being one of them. From the start, it was believed that the former islander’s coach might choose his next destination based on his ability to land a managerial position.

Strom wants to stay with Rangers

As per a video from the Twitter account, SNY RangersStriker Ryan Strom says he’s looking forward to staying with the squad this summer if he has what he wants. Strome is a UFA suspended and there has been talk of Rangers moving in a different direction this off season. He said of his future with the team: “My heart is here. I love these guys, this team is designed for great things. My first choice is to be the New York guard.”

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