Youth sports awards: annual awards for Mead girls in the form of country, volleyball, basketball teams

It’s been a special year for girls ’sports programs in Mead this season. So apart from the three specific projects, there is no choice between them.

So we don’t.

Mead’s state-run team, his state-run team and his state’s fifth-place football team are The Spokesman-Review 2022 Big School Girls Teams of the Year.

But progress did not end there. The Mead girls golf team finished eighth in the state, the basketball team finished fifth and the sports club in the state.

“The girls (at Mead) here are strong, dedicated, they’re all smart and they all care about each other,” said girls football coach Quantae Anderson. “It’s the first team atmosphere at this school and I think it’s reflected in our entire sport.”

Anderson praised Mead’s mentor, navigation and coaches for creating an atmosphere where women’s athletes are active.

“But start with the girls,” he said. “The talent, the dedication, their style. They want to be part of something special and not have to be ‘one.’

“They work hard, and they are very dedicated. They are a real family.”

Chronologically, the cross country team started winning in Nov.

“In all the years I’ve been teaching, this has been a perfect team,” Mead’s daughter coach Dori Whitford said in November.

“They work harder than anything I’ve ever seen, and they work hard for that.”

Alanna Parker placed ninth overall and Charlotte Cullen second in the 20th.

Others in the top 60 were Raegen Borg (22nd), Alexis Parker (37th) and Sophia Ferraro (59th). The Panthers are the only team to have five runners -up in the top 60.

“I’m really happy for my team, and I think we all had good races,” Cullen said later. “It’s amazing to be there as a person, but my real team is what drives me to be there.”

Courtney Osborn, this year’s team leader, shared the state’s honor with her mother, Susan (Bonogofski) Osborn – a member of the 1988 team.

Two weeks after the cross country victory, the volleyball team, which finished fourth, won over the Peninsula two-seed by four to get its name.

Mia Tunison led four players with six or more kills with 10 and the Panthers defended 24 blocks, Danikah Johnson with seven, Emily Hutchinson with six and Hayley Smith with five.

“This is a year we’ve been waiting for a long time,” Mead coach Shawn Wilson said in November.

“I’ve been dreaming of this for as long as I can remember,” Hutchinson said.

The Panthers have twice beaten state champion Mt. Spokane in the state quarter and the Wildcats won their three league games last year.

“Mt. Spokane came to us before (the end) and they were like, ‘Keep the box in Spokane,’ ”Hutchinson said. “They want it like we did.”

“I think (the competition) really helps,” Wilson said. “We saw that.”

Mead setter Madi Zorn was named 3A player of the year by the state coaching staff. Hutchinson and Mia Tunison were selected as outside referees for the first team, and outfielder Cassie Moeller and center fielder Danikah Johnson received the honors of the second team.

The Panthers football team did not win the state title, but it did win in other things.

Mead has won his first 24 games, on double points, and recorded a 20-point quarter in 18 games.

In a quarterback game, the Panthers led the way ahead of Lincoln to eight 32-3 in the second quarter going a 76-30 win-the biggest margin of victory in the tournament at any arrangement.

They beat Stanwood on the 19th in the last quarter of the state before shooting a 42-41 semifinal loss to Lake Washington that ended the win.

The cold streak continued into the third game, a 61-44 loss to Arlington, the third goal.

“We had a good season,” Anderson said Tuesday. “You take those two games in the final – with them – we’ve won 24 straight games. That’s amazing. It’s one of the highest winning teams in Mead.

“It’s a big group of kids.”

“We’ve worked hard to get here,” Mead senior Alicia Suggs said in March.

“Even though we didn’t finish as well as we’d like, we have a story to be proud of. And we came out to replace Spokane for the girls, so we were happy.

Senior Olivia Moore was named Spokane League MVP, Anderson was named coach of the year, former goalkeeper Teryn Gardner was named first team, Haley Burns was named second team and Suggs an honorable one.

“He was our leader,” Anderson said of Moore. “We’re not where we haven’t lived with him.

“What he’s done for that team this season is incredible to my eyes.”

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