The big 3-team deal will seal the fate of Westbrook and Kyrie Irving!

Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving are troubled cases for Los Angeles and Brooklyn, and it is not easy to separate from them. The participation of a third franchise could turn the tide, with two journalists offering a huge boost between the two superteams. That’s crazy!

On paper, Russell Westbrook set to become a member for the Lakers in 2022-23. The franchise brought in Darvin Ham because the coach seemed to be able to hold on to the ability of the score keeper, and the franchise continues to leave the options to end him. Beyond the truth, it seems that his leaders are always looking for tempting gifts. They hire four specific playerswhen he left.

The situation is very similar for Kyrie Irving on the Nets, black and white has released a new XXL feature in the future of the player. However, that didn’t stop the news from going well, so journalists Bill Simmons and Kevin O’Connor devised a scenario that would see the two men switch stores in. of a swap. In fact, as they explained on the First City podcast, only Californians can make a move for Uncle Drew:

Will there be a trade -off between the Lakers, Nets and Thunder?

Simmons : You have to move with Kyrie if you’re the Nets. If you cannot return it, you must set up a sign-up-to-date in order to cancel. There are rumors about the Lakers.

O’Connor : There’s a lot of talk about what can be done with the Nets, but the big question is: Who exactly do the Lakers want Kyrie ?

The problem is, it’s not really clear how to build that kind of market, because both superteams want to get real value from it. Brodie is a big skeptic after his lousy season, Brooklyn can’t decide for him. That’s why Simmons is considering adding a third team, not just in Oklahoma City. The idea is to send Russ there, even though BKN will be paid for the 2016 president’s departure from the properties for the film.

One possibility goes to trade for Irving in a three -team trade where Irving will end up in Los Angeles. Russell Westbrook is going around a room, the Thunder are a good choice. The Nets will get two first round picks from the Lakers, more or less, a trade difference of about $ 40 million.

While OKC is a franchise with RW being the best player of all time and having a lot of options, it’s no surprise that Mark Daigneault’s team is gaining traction. Will Thunder be ready to reunite? Unsurprisingly, the return of the funny boy may indicate a shock in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s development. In fact, it is difficult to see anyone fulfilling this role of the third wheel of the car.

Kyrie Irving at the Lakers, the top picks for the Nets and Russell Westbrook returns to the land of his first career. : Here is an opinion submitted by Bill Simmons and Kevin O’Connor. It’s a XXL model, but it’s not clear if it can see the light of day.

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