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In today’s NHL Rumors Brief, there are reports that Anaheim Ducks goalkeeper John Gibson would welcome a trade, but his agent denied it. Meanwhile, a transcriber who covers the Montreal Canadiens has spoken closely about how open they are to making deals this season.

It’s possible that Tyson Barry will be moved by the Edmonton Oilers, but what destinations make the most sense? Finally, will oil buy Zac Cassian? Who else is a candidate for mass purchase?

Gibson is open for trading?

According to a report by Nick Alberga: “I’ve heard that Anaheim Ducks goalkeeper John Gibson is open to the idea of ​​a trade. He thinks he told the team so.” His report has been validated by a few NHL insiders, including ESPN’s Kevin Weekes and fourth-period Dave Pagnotta.

John Gibson Anaheim Dax
John Gibson, Anaheim Dax (Amy Irvine/The Hockey Book)

Note other reports That in his conversation with Gibson’s agent, Kurt Overhard, he denied that the two sides had had any kind of discussion about the trade. They quoted him as saying, “There is no discussion about (Gibson) wanting to move. There is no truth to that.”

Regardless of who’s telling the truth here, this summer will now include a lot of talk about Gibson and perhaps even ported. He took a pretty big cover ($6.4 million) for five more seasons. This won’t be an easy contract for some teams, especially if there was some belief that the season’s lesser struggles for the veteran goalkeeper were not a one-time thing.

Are Canadians open to trade?

Marc-Antoine Godin was a guest on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer this week and talked about all things Montreal Canadiens. Among the questions Stauffer asked was whether Canadians were considering a trade in Josh Anderson. Godin said anything was possible but he didn’t think so because Canadians know you don’t find wings like this in the market often.

Josh Anderson Montreal Canadiens
Josh Anderson, Montreal Canadiens (Photo by Mark Blanch/NHLI via Getty Images)

Any trade that Canadians do should mean a long-term benefit to Canadians. When someone like Tyson Barry was mentioned – and whether he could replace someone like Jeff Petrie – he thought the defensive man was interesting but ultimately didn’t think it made sense because Barry isn’t a long-term solution. Canadians want a smaller period and more. It’s the same reason he didn’t think the club would be interested in bringing Brett Kulak back. He also says Petrie denied reports of an actual official order on the trade.

Godin thought Canadians would be active in this year’s NHL entry project. He points out that they will be looking for high-quality prospects because they have a lot of depth in the system and that means trying to advance on the draft. He believes this new management team will be even bolder to have an active draft day.

Canucks and Penguins Possible for Tyson Barry?

Speaking of Barry, even if the Canadians don’t quite fit in, there are a few teams that are said to be interested. Dan Kingersky of Pittsburgh hockey has now written that Barry could replace Chris Letang if he leaves this summer via free agency. It will fit smoothly and be a less expensive option in the short term.

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Meanwhile, Rob Simpson of Vancouver Hockey has suggested that Barry could be a good fit with the Canucks team. The Canucks will be making some changes and Jim Rutherford is expected to make his mark on this team. The Canucks could use some depth on their blue streak, but the Oilers won’t recoup any salary in the deal because Barrie will be more than anything else.

Will oil workers buy Kassian?

Still with the Oilers, Frank Seravalli of Daily Vesuv has Zach Cassian at the helm of the board of potential takeover candidates. he is writing:

The Oilers are seeking flexibility in setting a salary cap this summer, and buying Kassian will likely represent the easiest path to taking $2.5 million off the books for next season. Yes, there’s the next season’s $1.87 million song that makes it a bit less palatable, but that seemed like an issue to be dealt with at the time. No team wants “final” money on the records, but Cassian’s contract can be difficult to transfer and Edmonton is not overflowing with the assets to spend to do so.

Rounding off the top five names included in Seravalli’s mass purchase panel: Matt Murray, Mark Edward Vlasic, Marco Scandella, and Jason Dickinson.

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