Anthony Davis ’response after the big controversy at the Lakers!

He’s injured most of the time for the Lakers this season, Anthony Davis will do it this summer, if he wants to help his team to the title. However, the player is not serious for some web users, the fault of a new controversy. Today, through a train, the enthusiast decided to respond, to comfort the world.

Far from his best level, we can’t say Anthony Davis has entertained fans for a number of seasons. If there is one special player left, at least during his or her best time, the pool spends most of his or her time in the hospital. This is the case with the Angelinos this season, and once on the floor, it’s hard to say he did in a big way. This summer, web users are hoping for a boost for the player.

Where? Davis has been widely talked about for his relentless visits to nightclubs (review here). One thing that will irritate the fans of the franchise is that even as we see the Angelinos in the current season, they should be ready next October to play the title track. Davis needs to do his playing, his shooting and everything else, but it probably won’t make much sense right now.

Anthony Davis in the room, his message!

In a recent youtube video, the player himself confirms he is on a “rest” right now, from time to time.he has spoken falsely. This is normal because he is currently out of the playoffs, but not for the rest of the season. But in response to the criticism, Davis announced the word: he had returned to the gym, and that was to improve his shot.

“Good practice today with my brother Anthony Davis, preparing for the new season. We worked together for a year and a half. God is really good at helping other people create the Art of Shooting. ”

With a famous coach for improving his shooting, Davis sends a simple message here: he works, like everyone else, and he hopes to improve his shooting for the start of the season. school year. No more a player, he can do better on the field, especially in three places. Summer is long over for Unibrow, expected to be next year for the Angelinos. If it doesn’t work well, you shouldn’t be surprised by the news.

It was criticized for several days that Anthony Davis had returned to the gym, ready to do his shot, which was not necessary. Internet users are encouraged, as they await the player’s performance before judging at the start of the school year. There is a lot of pressure for the lake.

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