A one -eyed support leader in the timing of the Australian World Cup

One has been fired for taking a glass-half-empty approach to Australia’s time in Group D of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Graham Arnold’s men will compete against France, the World Cup champions; Denmark, semi-finalists in last year’s European competition; and Tunisia, seven places higher than Australia.

The Socceroos last made the finals of the World Cup in 2006 and have placed fourth in their team in the last two tournaments.

However, Australia beat the UAE and 22nd-ranked Peru to secure the 31st of 32 World Cups where the nation will commemorate the golden generation of 2006.

Below, I show you a silly analysis to prove the population that will sail Australia through group D.


France was at a time when it could be described as a golden age. The current top scorers haven’t won 16 games in the regular season in 2021 – they lost to Switzerland on penalties in the Euros, and Kylian Mbappe is a generation talent with the silky dribbling skill of Mark Bresciano, speed of Stan Lazaridis and the end of Tim’s powers. Cahill.

While the French team’s combined total is around $ 1.7 billion, the only person to get an open box for France against Australia in the World Cup is Aziz Behich.

Les Bleus have not won their last four games. When the odds fall, France can struggle in – see the 2002 and 2010 FIFA World Cups and the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

The last time the defending champion went to the finals of the Men’s World Cup was in Brazil in 2010. The last time France won the World Cup was in 2002. and they went forth in the fourth part of their journey. , keep a secluded place.

France’s opening game in 2002 was a tournament against the mighty Senegal, who were ranked 42nd in the world until the last quarter. In 2022 France will open their World Cup against the 42nd nation currently in the world. Whom do you think? The power of the Socceroos.

Based on the above testimonials, Emmanuel Macron is seen to be livid with Australia for years to come.

forecast: Victory of Australia

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The Danes 11 may have become the second team of their own after their European Championships, but they were the second best team on 30 November at the famous Al Janoub Stadium.

First of all, Denmark did not beat the Socceroos in a FIFA World Cup.

In addition, Denmark was eliminated by Croatia in the Round 16 in 2018. Denmark did not reach the group stage at the World Cup after being eliminated in the Round of 16.

For the past few years, Socceroos winger Awer Mabil has spent his trade at FC Midtjylland, a traditional Danish club. Matthew Benham is the general manager of FC Midtjylland, which owns Brentford FC.

What does this have to do with it? Five men in the Brentford team, including mercurial Christian Eriksen, have teamed up to represent Denmark 187 times. Brentford and FC Midtjylland share the same players and have similarities, and so Mabil has gained insight into the tactical nous of the Danish football king. The Kenyan -born Socceroo will not be included in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, so Australia could take advantage of the Danish weaknesses coming in November.

Speaking of the king, Frederik, the Prince of Denmark, married an Australian, Princess Mary. In the spirit of a ‘happy woman, happy life’, I believe in advice from above to put Australia on top.

forecast: Victory of Australia

Kalikiano Eriksen

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The Australian-Tunisian football tournament will take place again on November 26. Twp games were played between the two football nations. Australia took three boxes and Tunisia took two. Read between the lines.

Australia did not lose to an African nation in a FIFA World Cup. Ten Australians drew 1-1 against 32nd-ranked Ghana in 2010. Tunisia, who are number 35 in the lead at this World Cup, is clearly at a low ebb. With 11 (or maybe ten) men, Australia had to ride.

In addition, Tunisia collected one point against AFC opponents when playing in the FIFA World Cup in two matches against Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Although Australia and Tunisia also entered the top five men’s World Cup, Australia was the only one to miss the group stage.

Predication: Victory of Australia

If you don’t believe the review above, just remember that it was only when Australia qualified for the World Cup through a penalty shootout against a South American shirt that they made the finishing touches.

As if Australia had played every game in the Middle East for the last four years, this World Cup would be a home Cup for the Socceroos.

And at the end of the day, when all else fails, none of the other teams have the ‘Aussie spirit’.

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