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MAUMEE, Ohio – Sunday and Monday are full of final games in all divisions. The sun continued to be 75 degrees for the perfect match season.

Sean Lenning and Daniel Cordova played in the Men’s Open Final in front of a packed crowd at the Lucas County Rec Center. The public knew what they had known for years: Lenning domination. His services could not be returned and if Cordova could get a hand on him, Lenning would have punished the return. He ran a 21-5, 21-3 win for his 12th open singles national title, a record he continues to share.

In the Final Open Doubles, Shorty Ruiz and Sam Esser denied Sean Lenning a slam by beating him and his teammate Abraham Montijo 21-17, 21-15.

The final team of the Women’s Open Singles featured one seed Danielle Daskalakis and two seed Ashley Moler. Daskalakis played like a missionary to reclaim the title over the weekend and did not change the result. Between him serving the hop on the left side and losing his constant front corner, Moler had more to serve, winning 21-8, 21-11.

Moler was able to take revenge in the Women’s Open Doubles Final when she and teammate Michael Mitchell defeated Daskalakis and teammate Jennifer Schmitt 15-21, 21-15, 11-6.

On the Big Rock side, Brian Medina and Sergio Guzman came in as seven and stunned the draw by winning three major championships to take the Men’s title. Open 3-Wall Big Ball Doubles.

In the second division of the Open One-Wall men’s tournament, Timbo Gonzalez and Richie Vera won the round robin format without losing a game in the entire tournament.

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MAUMEE, Ohio – Saturday morning began at Third National Park with the admonition: Don’t leave. Because Dale Ziegler won his first national title and he worked in the 80s with singles (the oldest division given) over Norm Young.

The Women’s Open also kicked off Saturday morning with Michael Mitchell straightening Kristen Hughes in a tough competition. Mitchell is moving to face number one Danielle Daskalakis in the semifinals.

In the bottom half of the bracket, Ashley Moler took her to game “A” and Leah Kirk won both games, 21-2, 21-5. Moler moved on to the next semifinal to face Megan Dorneker, who took Jennifer Schmitt to her Quarterfinal 21-3, 21-9.

The Men’s Open began their semifinals with defensive tackle Sean Lenning surviving a close game with Max Langmack before earning his service and running to victory in the second game to win the game. 21-16, 21-7. Lenning will be meeting Daniel Cordova last Sunday morning.

Cordova played one of the most exciting games of the tournament in his semifinals against Shorty Ruiz. Ruiz battled for two points in one game to take it 21-20. Cordova and Ruiz came out on top at the start of game two before Cordova found his groove at 12-12 and pulled it off to win 21-13 and strengthen the tiebreaker. Cordova was able to win over Ruiz by using his hop service and setting to win 11-7. Cordova and Lenning will play in the national tournament 12am east heart Sabbath.

The Quarterfinals of the Men’s Open Doubles kicked off today with higher yields moving. Sean Lenning and Abraham Montijo will face Dane Szatkowski and Bill Mehilos for the most part in the bracket and Shorty Ruiz and Sam Esser will face Daniel Cordova and Allan Sanchez in the bottom half.

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MAUMEE, Ohio-The weather didn’t get much better for the first and second days of the USHA Three-Wall Nationals. The players arrived Friday and Saturday at the Lucas County Rec Center in 75 degree beauty. The Toledo Handball Club’s famous reception was held in full for participants and visitors alike.

The final quarter of the game began Friday morning with score one and defensive tackle Sean Lenning defeated young and talented Jon Guttierez 21-3, 21-4.

Lenning will continue his title defense against Max Langmack in the semifinals who beat Abraham Montijo with his service style and his shot 21-11, 21-19.

In the bottom of the bracket, Shorty Ruiz beat California’s Brian Medina in two games 21-4, 21-15. Ruiz will face Daniel Cordova tomorrow in the next semifinal.

Cordova thrived on surviving 3-star Dane Szatkowski 21-18, 21-16 in a game filled with big hops and kill kicks.

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Drawings and start times have been posted for the USHA Three-Wall Nationals. You can watch them at R2sports by clicking EIA.

Please be aware that there are drawing and starting times, and you should continue to check until the day of your game for new features.

MAUMEE, Ohio-The Toledo Handball Club and USHA are proud to announce the traditional Labor Day Weekend classic, the 70th USHA National Three-Wall Championships at the Lucas County Rec Center.

We missed you! This is everyone’s favorite event of the year, every year (except 2020), and Toledo Handball Club promises to provide a great event!

This is the third best building in the country, featuring eight editions and lights. Combined with the amazing hospitality of the Toledo Handball Team, the Three-Wall Nationals are a must! It’s a challenge for everyone, so bring the family! If it rains, find a local company.

For your time out of court, the Toledo Area has a lot to offer. Click here to see Toledo’s attractions.

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