2022 NBA Draft – what will the Spurs do with their No. 9 pick?

On June 23, the 2022 NBA Draft will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where each of the Big League teams will try to improve their roster by choosing the right ideas. To better prepare you for this long -awaited event, we thought it would be worth taking a closer look at the top ten teams to choose from, from Orlando to Washington. After the Wizards, we look at the odds for the Spurs with their #9 pick.


With Dejounte Murray exploding but with the expected success of either Devin Vassell or Keldon Johnson, the young Spurs keeper is doing well. While it is always an interest to add a top -flight position, San Antonio could use its favorable position in the Draft to change its selection for a named player in the League. With full back lines, the Texans can try their luck for a local. And that’s good, since some players on this side are going to leave. Some think that for example John Collins (Hawks), can represent something real go up for the San Antonio racket. He’s only 24, he’s smart, he needs to improve, and the Spurs have something to prove the trade with their 9 picks, but two other picks in the first round of this Draft (options #20 and #25). But beware, Spurs won’t be the only ones in this type of file so we need to prepare a good gift.

OPTION #2: Use option #9 to add a pledge idea

The second option is to use this top 10 option to find a new young talent who will finish the list. Yes, but who is it? Again, open the argument. Starting from the idea that the Spurs need to improve their racket (for sure, pivot Jakob Poeltl comes in his final year of contract), they can try to go for a power zone. like Jalen Duren or Mark Williams, two pivots promise but they need a good design to give the full measure of their potential. On the other hand, it’s hard to get any better than the Spurs. If the Texans don’t decide to look for a winger. In this case, the names of AJ Griffin, Jeremy Sochan, also known as Frenchie Ousmane Dieng, were mentioned in some Mock Drafts of the US media.

OPTION #3: Go up the DRAFT to Get the Hardcore Pearl

The third option, and perhaps the least: try to convince one of the high -ranking franchises in the Lottery to change their location. While Spurs have three first -round picks that could help negotiate, it’s hard to imagine them going up again.. In the fourth Draft, the Kings can open negotiations, but they need to be given a big player to interest them, those who hope to return to the Playoffs. The Spurs, who are building a team with young players around Dejounte Murray, have nothing to turn them on that side. So they probably won’t move this option 9 to the top of the Draft, even though the moves are expected to benefit from a second option that is better than their options 20, 25 and 38.

With four options available to them in this 2022 Draft, the Spurs would have been enough to survive our evening if they hadn’t been considered at the top. So what do we do with this option 9? Is there a trade that will return a player and end the roster? Picking one of the top 10 of this Draft? Reply on June 23.

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