Zach LaVine has chosen his team for next season!

Hosted in the market, will Zach LaVine leave Chicago? We probably have a solid answer to this question now, because the player has decided on his future. The franchise he chose will be very happy!

More than 24 points, 4 rebounds and 4 assists on average, 38% chance behind the arc and an All-Star game option: Zach LaVine is coming off a good 2021- 22, who was only injured by a few injuries. Between him and the success of the Bulls back in the game, his score has continued to rise and the latter is one of the biggest challenges to follow in the future.

As a matter of fact, NBA franchises have been competing at the gates of Illinois for several weeks, the Blazers are very excited about pairing him with Damian Lillard. While Dallas and the Lakers line up to get his services, the Purples and Golds are seen in the crowd in this hand -to -hand race. That is, the options are not lacking when the athlete leaves.

However, despite the high level of interest in this topic, it seems that the impact of this file is embarrassing for all the organizations involved. Indeed, as Jake Fischer points out Bleacher report, Chicago doesn’t expect to see its star fly. In fact, the Illinois team is better than the others, which means it chooses a lot of things in the eyes of the stakeholder:

Zach LaVine will stay with the Bulls

Of the teams that play for LaVine, San Antonio is the only one that can provide a specific timeline of the midfield, and the Spurs are considered a far cry from the usual playoff contender status, which LaVine wants. This led to skepticism from competitors that LaVine wanted to consider options outside of Chicago.

Woe to the Texans, An All-Star mocked the arrival of ZLV a few weeks ago, They cannot give guarantees of success to the player. As for competition, no one can meet the many demands of the old T-Wolves and he immediately realized that. As a result, the departure from Chi-Town has not been put on the table for some time, as have the pre-tournament facilities.

As a result, locals will be thrilled to see the duo he created with DeMar DeRozan be re -performed from next September. The startup vowed, now it’s up to defining the hierarchy and navigating the images. His teammate was so hurt this year, DMDR took the time to lead, but it’s not clear how the crazy dunker will be ready for long.

Before leaving the Bulls, Zach LaVine will be in Illinois for a long time. No other franchise can give him what he wants, so stick with a team that is well -rounded in the regular season.

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