Plus, LeBron lost his summer body at about 38 years old!

Work has already begun for LeBron James, who is preparing for a new season with the Lakers. We believe the King has been greatly encouraged by the current games, as he expects to be on the floor at the same time next year. So he took the opportunity to share a photo of his body before the summer, showing how much the King cares, all of which over the past 38 years is a memorial. .

With the Lakers on vacation for the past few weeks, the situation continues for the players, as well as the fans. Everyone wanted to win the title at the start of the season, but it was clear that Russell Westbrook’s performance did not have the expected result. bonus? The injuries, including Anthony Davis, were the ones that ruined the Angelinos campaign. So next year, it will be punished.

LeBron is ready to fight!

It’s at 37, but will soon be 38 at the time of the return, to be sure LeBron James give all. He wanted to be in the best physical condition to lead the Poupre or the ring. With this in mind, work first began for the Akron man, who shared the image of his body in training, to a full “spin”. No doubt he worked hard.

LeBron: “Yeah, I know I’m crazy. I can’t wait to fall! I’m so ready to go back to court! So encouraged”

These are the two words that LeBron shared on his Instagram account, which made it clear he was ready for the start of the season. The summer has been a long one, but this is another reason for the Lakers to work hard for the rest of the festivities.

While someone is putting on 🤣 bottles

It’s a real argument for AD 😂😂😂

At 37, LeBron James wasn’t quite ready to return to court, even though we were only in June. Training continues for the King, who is expected to stay with the Warriors next year, at last. Suffice it to say among the fans, we are patient.

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