Joe Marler hopes to extend the new holistic lifestyle to special events at the 2023 Rugby World Cup


As he nears the finish line in a glorious football career, two -time Premiership champion Joe Marler told Mirror Sport how to take an entire lifestyle to take him to the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

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Joe Marler ate a whole bunch of chilli after trying the goodness for COVID

The football world is lucky to have role models like Joe Marler, who was the first to admit that he is not a role model to follow.

The Englishmen and Harlequins will be well aware of his growth in recent years, slowly refining his game of punitive dalliances that have thrown him into a disastrous light. Now, the 79-cap international is looking to enjoy the rest of his career, and his entire lifestyle can prove key when he shows up under Eddie Jones at the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

“I’m always trying to find a balance between my work life, my home life, family life, trying to be a good father and husband, trying to look with my friends, to have a time with myself to prove I’m good., while trying to be a professional football player, ”Marler said. Avoid Mirror.

It’s a far cry from the Marler of old, who attended the ‘old school’ understanding of the masculine nature. The loosehead prop has become a major supporter of mental health since last year he starred in the Sky documentary ‘Big Boys Don’t Cry’, looking for his own struggles with depression.

She will be looking for another side later this year when she stars in the ITV special ‘Queen for the Night’. Hosted by Lorraine Kelly and featuring the likes of Mr. Motivator and killer Rob Beckett, Marler will be made a pull queen as she dives deep into a thriving film industry.

In the latest work on her path to happiness, Marler teamed up with Bioglan Supplements, whose approach to health and care is designed to be “easy enough.” Quins talisman admits that he considered Daisy a “hippie” because of his interest in the whole world, but more admits that mental health concerns changed his perception. .

Joe Marler has teamed up with Bioglan Supplements to launch their ‘In Bioglan Balance’ campaign



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He laughed: “I’m trying to measure my balance at. .At a daily level, really. I wake up most mornings going ‘Well, how’s that going?” “What can I do to prove there is better than bad?”

There are more of those questions about the career on Marler, with the first runner entering the final year of his contract at The Stoop. The outcome of that deal is directly related to next year’s World Cup in France, and his eyes widen and his head trembles at the thought of a new expansion.

June 9 marked the 10th year of Marler’s England debut, a 22-17 win over South Africa in Durban. It was a sign of his humility that he didn’t know the importance of the day, and didn’t deserve the famous ‘big boy’. opinion as one of the ancient government officials of his country.

“I could class myself as a 10 -year -old vet when I retired 100 times,” he asked, calling the time in his England career in 2018 only to return to the World. Cup next year. “With so many vacations and restrictions I’ve had … I could only hold myself as a doctor for two years, so that’s probably why I’m a giant kid.

“I have a better mind than my body, as my actions sometimes show … If I don’t play again for England I will be very happy and rejoicing in how much I have done. “

And for good reason. He has helped his country win three to six titles in recent years, including winning the Grand Slam of 2016. His club career is well documented, winning two Premiership titles before winning. release from this year’s semi-finals by Saracens on Saturday.

Joe Marler is a member of Sports Slam, a new program that helps kids find their favorite sport.


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The low air really sounded with Marler, who is the “big star” of his age — he’ll be 33 years ahead of next year’s World Cup — but “he wants to can give “in any way he can. He praised Leicester’s Ellis Genge as England’s “out-and-out starer” at the loosehead, with the praise of “youngster” Bevan Rodd.

He went on to name Mako Vunipola as a contestant, noting his Saracens teammates were “younger than me, even though he’s 50 years old.” Although he often described himself as a laughing stock in his profession, Marler was assured that ‘he always took the professional side of my business.’

It is common to have the benefit of hindsight with knowledge, and Marler is not proud to learn from his lessons. Asked what kind of education he would give an 18 -year -old for himself if given the time, his answer was vague.

“‘You’ll be humble. You’ll be fine, Joe.’ I said, ‘You’re a little small.’ I wanted to know a little earlier. “Asked if he thought he was following his advice today, he replied:” I’m trying, of course. “

As his Quins promises come to an end, Marler is in the year when Premiership stars often visit the rich climates of France or Japan. “Daisy doesn’t want to move” after Marler finished with a 71 -mile drive to Twickenham, however, while she was giving a “No” to moving to another country.

As for changing coaching or rugby coaching, he couldn’t hold his breath: “I could see myself doing a lot more training and driving in the world of tug -of -war. before i could rugby.You think there are a lot of people in the rugby admin hierarchy who like me around.

Joe Marler grew to be one of the most famous players in England


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“Jesus Christ, you can think of me and [Sir] Does Bill Beaumont sit in a room trying to separate things? I’m not allowed to laugh at a press conference … because you’re going to lose at the end of the World Cup! It’s funny, I won’t be past five seconds. “

For all the thoughts on next year’s World Cup and the uncertainty of all that, Marler has received a much more valuable gift. No longer opposed to the second of a serious football career when it comes to pursuing performance off the pitch, his entire life has given him a deep appreciation of what is most important.

“Having kids, my loving wife giving me that look, and then being with different people in different ways made me feel a little down,” he said. “Grace is a good thing.”

Rugby player Joe Marler has teamed up with the supplement brand Bioglan for their first story ‘In Bioglan Balance’ with influencer Mat Carter will show how to find balance in his working life. To check out the series, visit @bioglansupplements on Instagram.

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