CJ McCollum for the return of reporters to the locker room

Will journalists return to NBA locker rooms? It has been more than two years since Covid-19 disease deprived all broadcasters of this inclusion, due to health problems.

The fact that journalists go into the locker room is a beautiful thing that the NBA has given so far, compared to the “mixed zone” that is set up at various events in Europe. allowing journalists to interact with players in real life. play.

As the world slowly returned to normal, Adam Silver was asked about the topic at the last All-Star Weekend, but did not want to change the situation, arguing that it could happen. from the newspapers in the area. “where the players dress” as it is to him today “anachronistic”.

“I don’t know if we start from the old days today, we will tell the journalists to come and stand with the players in the locker room where they dress, and that is the right place. to question them. »

The hope is to find a “middle ground”.

President of the players ’union, CJ McCollum is known to be more open to questioning, who cut his teeth at his college at Lehigh, where he graduated with a degree in journalism and is therefore more ease in the working conditions of the people. share information.

“I remember how it was like trying to get the words after games covering Lehigh sports and interviewing a coach after a finish or a win. It was hard. everything. But in the end, we always have the opportunity to meet. “he hoped.

The voice of the president of the team of players, who was included as a consultant on ESPN this postseason, could weigh in on this file, even though the Pelicans ’back is confident he hopes “middle middle” have got, “where the players are satisfied and the press gets the information they need”.

“Relationships are important, and the only way to maintain some relationships is to go into the locker room. It’s important from history and history. The interview is much better. face-to-face, in general. It’s great to go in Zoom. We’re grateful for the changes we’ve been able to make because of it. But there’s nothing like a post-game conference. There is no immediate end to your life. “he continued.

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