The “living” Frenchman the Lakers saw was dead

There are many inspiring and inspiring stories in NBA history, and some relate to French players. One of them, for example, survived his death, and so he can be proud of the Lakers shirt.

There is very little opportunity to play in the NBA today, and there are more world players than there were twenty years ago. At that point, French players will have to work hard to grab the attention of U.S. scouts, and secure their place to the lions. One of the few people with the top ring on his gift list, however, saw that his dream ended in a very sad way.

Ronny Turiaf’s brave and unparalleled journey to the NBA

Although Tony Parker and Boris Diaw had previously made a name for themselves in the Atlantic, Ronny Turiaf landed in the NBA in the 2005 Draft. He was selected 37th by the Lakers when he left the NCAA. , a reason to rejoice the tricolor pivot. However, the tests were carried out a few weeks after his franchise, and revealed that his aortic nerve was swollen, which hampered his career in the lions. Mecca footballers report:

One of the cardiologists who trained Turiaf said he had a 75% chance of having a fatal event within the next three years. “The traditional way of this disease is that a person loses consciousness and dies. Turiaf has been described as “the least of his worries” and is unlikely to play again.

After that strike, the players lost hope of one day to play on the field of the big league. Turiaf, however, did not lose faith in his times. With tears in his eyes, he spoke in a conference call.

I don’t hurt my family. I will win this. I’ll go back to the floor. They had to kill me to stop me.

Because of this terrible news, the Lakers were forced to cancel the contract of their youth pivot… Sirs, they decided to pay for his labor and hospital costs, while supporting him in this process. Turiaf, he continued to be hopeful:

I told Mitch Kupchak to bring the clothes to the hospital. He came to see me, and I had tubes around my neck – everywhere. But I told him, “I’m going to enter this number 21, I guarantee it.” He didn’t believe me, I knew that.

Ronny lived up to his promise, saying that even six months after his time on the football field, he made his NBA debut under the colors of red and gold. After the birth of a close friend with Kobe Bryantbut a title win with the Heat in 2012, with LeBron James.

Almost punished, Ronny Turiaf avoided all health predictions, and so he could pursue an honorable career in the NBA. No need to look any further to find a good motivation!

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