The highlight of the Lakers in the coming weeks!

With a new coach, the Lakers are carefully preparing for the coming weeks. The draft will come, like the opening of the free agency, perhaps to signal the arrival of new players in the city of angels. However, the big one elsewhere for the first office, is expected to carry out a good coup by the end of the month. Explanations.

Now that the coach, in the form of Darvin Ham, has the coach, the Lakers will be preparing for the coming weekend. The draft will be issued immediately, prior to the opening of the free market. Despite the limited number of tracks, the Angelinos want to hold on and therefore improve this staff, which is really worth it after a humiliating announcement. Rob Pelinka is said to have a young star in the line of sightEven if the file is hard.

It must be remembered that the Lakers sacrificed all their wealth, or close proximity, to the arrival of Anthony Davis. Their first choice? He will not enter until 2027, which leaves a problem for leaders, who have no pockets when it comes to negotiating with other organizations. This explains the fate of Russell Westbrook, who will be staying in Los Angeles for another season.

The Lakers, the big thing for the film?

But instead of thinking about getting players with some experience in the NBA, Purple and Gold decided to take a closer look at the picture. They’ve done well in the past with Austin Reaves, and the front office wants to do it again. Just a problem? The franchise has no choice, nor is it in the second round: so the brand will be taken, according to the LA Times.

The Lakers will try hard to secure a spot in the second round of the draft. The teams may need money in trades, and if the acquisition is required to release a second round in the future, we can be sure that the Lakers will try their luck in order to get this. choose.

There is no option for the Angelinos, who want to try to return an option in the second round, to see who the buyer is. With Reaves proving to be an amazing player for the stage, Pelinka wants to bring in a new player. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, even though it’s possible to leave, there are up to 7 places available for this summer on the list:

The Lakers are one of the favorite teams among undefeated players, with most of the team’s roster spots, and the victory of Austin Reaves as an example. And with penalties the Bulls and Heat won’t have a choice, let alone more talent.

Rather than free agency, so the Lakers will make the performance more important. We need to buy this circle, and then hopefully with the right idea, it can make a difference next year. It may be as Austin Reaves pointed out, even if there is a lot of guilt. The Scouts will do their job.

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