Red Wings’ biggest needs, best expectations

The Detroit Red Wings will likely be looking to cement an already promising prospect with their ninth pick in the 2022 NHL Draft. (Getty Images)

Detroit Red Wings fans are starting to feel hopeful. While this feeling may be a bit premature, the organization does bring together a host of noteworthy possibilities. Already in the NHL, Moritz Seder is closer to the Norris Cup candidate than some might think, and Lucas Raymond has shown that he is a top talent. It was a fantastic recovery for a team that saw disappointing returns from first-round picks. Two of Detroit’s top 10 picks, Philip Zadina and Michael Rasmussen, are still with the club, but they haven’t met expectations. While the rebuilding process is still well underway, a flurry of possibilities is approaching NHL readiness, and you can expect Steve Yzerman to be aggressive in the commercial market this coming season, followed by a potential debut in free agency the following year to accelerate Detroit’s rise to once again sit between Elite in the league.

The most important prospects

Simon Edvinson, Dr – The high-rise blueliner has been ranked 7th best probability league in the world hockey news At the annual Future Watch, Edvinsson, who is 6’5 inches tall, will be relied upon to play consistent minutes on the spot in the NHL. Next to Moritz Seider, Edvinsson could form the second half of a dynamic duo that intimidates opponents with both their size and defensive acumen, as well as their willingness to attack and vision from behind.

Jonathan Bergren, F – 33rd overall pick of 2018, Berggren declared himself to the world last year, scoring 45 points in 49 SHL games. He followed that up by leading AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins in scoring with 64 points in 70 games. Detroit resisted the temptation to bring Berggren into the fold too soon, which landed him in the NHL all season. Next year, Detroit will have an older, stronger, and more mature customer ready to contribute immediately.

Sebastian Kosa, J – Every team hopes to have a goalkeeper in the future, and Sebastian Cosa fits the job description in every way. His WHL numbers were eye-catching at times. There has been a lull in the middle of the season for Kosa this year, but the matches seemed too easy for him. When the playoffs rolled around, he went back to setting video game-style numbers that were almost too good to be true. Cossa has the physique of a modern playmaker standing 6’6″ and, due to his birthdate, will be eligible for the next AHL season as he turns 20 in November. If Detroit transfers him to the AHL, his time for him to take over the crease in the NHL may be closer than some expect.

one to watch

If Detroit’s blue future isn’t big and talented enough with Cider and Edvinson, let us introduce you to William Wallander. Wallinder was the 32nd overall pick in 2020, which means today it will be the number one pick. The 6’4-inch blueliner is a smooth skater, and at SHL, the same award given to Moritz Cedar last year. He still needs to fill in the blank, but Wallander isn’t just climbing the ladder of possibilities, he’s racing. Another name to watch, and a player who is hard to miss due to his size, is fellow Swede Elmer Soderblom. While Wallander has grabbed the headline, perhaps no player will be as interesting to Red Wings fans next season as Pontus Anderson. Knowing how the Swedish free agent transitioned to AHL would be a point of interest.

ready to intervene

While at least two players will be on the Detroit Red Wings squad next season, Jonathan Bergren appears to be the most prepared. He played his first 10 games in professional hockey in 2017-2018 and after suffering some injuries and inconsistencies, he now has two full professional hockey campaigns, one in Europe and one in North America under his belt. He will be 22 when the season begins, and will be set in the top nine innings, which will likely also include strength playing opportunities. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Bergren join and stay in the top six in Detroit next year.

Highest Needs in the NHL Draft

With the folds and wrinkles of Detroit looking increasingly stocked for the future, it’s a high-quality skill that Detroiters lack in their forward corps. Raymond is there, and Bergerin is ready. If Philip Zadina was the player many have been expecting, the Detroit forward’s prospects might look different. The same goes for Michael Rasmussen, who has shown significant growth in the second half of the season, but is still not producing at a rate that would justify him as the ninth overall pick. Similarly, Joe Felino has shown flashes of talent, but he may not develop into a top six player. With that in mind, Detroit should swing early and often at skilled forwards. There is good forward depth in this draft, including round two, so Detroit can step in to address that issue with each of their top picks.

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