Kenya Simbas defeated the Elephants of South Africa in the Currie Cup

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 11 – Kenya Simbas started a good return to upset South Africa’s leading Elephants 41-24 in the Currie Cup Division 1 tournament held at the RFUEA Grounds on Saturday.

After 0-17 after fifteen minutes, in what was supposed to be a tough fight for the home team, the side led by Paul Odera showed a lot of forethought, determination, and flesh. to win a full victory 41-24. -manawa.

The Elephants quickly started blocking as they increased their height off the line.

In the first five minutes, Johanees Huisamen scored their first try after the attack resulted from a strong maul from the South African uniform.

Another offense from the roll saw Simbas reduced to fourteen while Malcom Onsando took a yellow card in the 11th minute.

Elephants Shirwin Cupido in the match against Waraba Brian of Simba during the Currie Cup tournament in Nairobi. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYA

From the end of the offense, the Elephants opted to go back to a line that led well on their second quick try which was recorded by Diego Williams and well converted by Matheus Garrick who passed the first try.

And with the man’s victory for them, the South African side soon returned to Simbas and continued to extend the gap of the fight when they landed in the third attempt which was not successfully converted. for the game to win the 0-17 lead.

With Kenya not seeing any of the bats that quarter of an hour, returning Collins Injera, who first started for the 15th page from 2018, explained why he was sent back. to the team as he made good use of the support game. Vincent Onyala made the first try of the game.

The Powerful Elephants made no mistake in missing the ball in the interception, Injera picked up the release ball, claiming the test line with his front yards before attacking Onyala. who created a 2-v-1 position.

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Flyhalf Dominic Coulson missed the turn as Kenya reduced the deficit to 5-17.

Elephant’s Athenkosi Mayinje will face Samuel Asati and Vincent Onyala of Kenya Simbas during the Currie Cup tournament in Nairobi. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYA

It seemed like the Simbas ’attention to that piece of play had lifted their confidence and they were even better at night.

Just a minute after returning to the pitch, Onsando apologized for his first dismissal when he blocked his way in the corner for Simbas’ second try in the game that was not converted. and Coulson.

The flyhalf, however, got his first points in the game when he took the scores to 13-172 when he penalized the team.

After Simbas had thirteen straight points, the Elephants refused to stay again and they punished a poor cleaning kick by Darwin Mukidza as Daviam Swanepoel picked up the ball in the Kenyan half before the show. Keeping the ankles clean at the edge of the line and then finishing the night. move with a dive in the corner for their fourth attempt converted for a 13-24 half-time lead.

Simbas Samuel Asati in the match against Elephant during the Currie Cup match in Nairobi. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYA

In the second half, Simbas showed the strength of their mind as they scored twenty -eight points in the half which the Elephants had nothing on the board.

The misfortune soon began with the break of the part -time team which saw the desired result when Injera made a beautiful line from a scrum move before hitting under the posts. midway after hitting his scrambling marks, Mukidza turned well to make up for Simbas ’lack. Four more numbers.

Mukidza, who resumed his full -time position, was on hand to give Simbas the first lead in the game when he rested on the right wing before turning his pitch to below the numbers are 27-24. .

The Elephants had an honorable time to restore balance in the game as Merlynn Pieterse, teased by the home side, missed a penalty for the South African boys.

From then on, no one looked back as Simbas responded to each attack by their opponents.

Collins Injera Simbas in the match against Elephant during the Currie Cup tournament in Nairobi. Photo/RAYMOND MAKHAYA

Outraged by the Simbas for not releasing the defense, the Elephants accepted a penalty shootout after failing to score and intending to break a strong maul started by the home side from the sidelines. line that allowed the team to have a ten-time lead at 34-24. With less than five minutes to play

Onyala fastened his brace in the game with Andrew Matoka turning well to end the win 41-24.

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After successfully completing their Currie Cup Division One tournament, the Simbas will begin preparations for their 2023 Rugby World Cup qualifiers set in France from 1-10 July.

-Na KRU-

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