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Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski explained why they decided to go with a football game rather than Top Gun’s iconic volleyball show.

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Joseph Kosinski, managing director of Top Gun: Maverick, sharing why they chose a football game over a volleyball court. The latter was widely considered until 1986 High trumpet which was first launched two weeks ago to a large audience. The result has now been shown to be a huge hit, even for the star -studded Tom Cruise. The actor introduces Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell and follows his journey to lead a group of young Top Gun pilots on an impossible mission, one that is challenging in more ways than just one. for the Captain.

One of the most important features is from the original High trumpet It was the beach volleyball court, where spectators began to wonder if or not Top Gun: Maverick to add some of their own. The first scene shows Maverick and his LTJG partner Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (Anthony Edwards) against Maverick competitor Lieutenant Tom “Iceman” Kazansky (Val Kilmer) and his partner Ron “Slider” Kerner (Rick Rossovich) taking a break from their driving duties. compete against each other at a beach volleyball game, where four jumpers are seen without clothes and oil. While the football field i Top Gun: Maverick By the same token, the sports chosen are not the same, as each player is constantly rehearsed and shows the excitement of their fans.


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Now, Kosinski directly explains why football was chosen over volleyball in their ode to the film scene. In making the decision, the director shares with THR it’s important to incorporate style into the story rather than just relying on nostalgia. He thanked the photographers for finding the key to incorporating the feature as part of Maverick’s training for the pilots, which introduced the Captain to the teams on offense and defense. at the same time comparing the dog fights of the third film. Instead of looking at the independent competition as a volleyball film in the background, Top Gun: Maverick use their model not only to serve the concept but to capture the growth of chemistry among young pilots. See Kosinski’s full explanation below.

As I was preparing for the film, that was the main question I was asked – is it going to have a volleyball scene? – that’s kind of surprising to me. So the difficulty is, if we’re going to make a beach scene, we have to make it into the background of our story. We don’t have to do just one thing to do. Our graphic design team thought of a clever way to incorporate that feature into Maverick’s teaching. There’s a reason – this idea of ​​dog fights in football and defense at the same time is a good sign of what we’re going to see in the third act.

Once it was clear that we could push the story forward and continue the story, then it was just fun to be able to shoot a beach photo for Top Gun and just do the best power ever. can i. Seems to give a lot of thanks to our actors who worked hard to prepare themselves for that film.

Glen Powell in Top Gun: Maverick

The idea that went after something as simple as re -creating a graphic design helped the process Top Gun: Maverick Greater victory than the first. Each feature has a reason, for the great story and growth of Maverick itself. The football game was a good example of what was to come with the missionary and was much enjoyed by the audience – more people were shocked to see the film by a 3 -second film of Lieutenant Bradley ” Rooster ”Bradshaw (Miles Teller) performing a party dance on the beach. He is able to capture the essence of the original film scene while spending his critical time in the film, as well as something that effectively serves the essence of the story.

The great success of Top Gun: Maverick it first began to secure its place in film history, avoiding the hopes of a future disaster. even if High trumpet and his volleyball style has grown in his admiration these days, Top Gun: Maverick received positive reviews from critics and listeners outside the gate. From the detailed writing and directing like this to the filming in real F-18 fighters, every part of the sequel was done with the utmost admiration of its audience and with its cultural impact. Top Gun: Maverick has first begun to describe its cinematic status, with a remake of a popular beach scene.

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