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IIt’s been 64 years since Wales last reached the men’s World Cup but they travel to Qatar in November. Wales have tried to win every World Cup since 1950, showing their only appearance in 1958. At that time, dreams of victory were shattered after Brazil’s victories – 17 -year -old Pelé – threw them in the final quarter.

There have been some recent setbacks, but Wales bounced back from the World Cup finals after beating Ukraine 1-0 last Sunday in Cardiff. Watch readers followed the group through thick and thin sharing their experience.

‘A story’

It’s something I thought I didn’t know. It’s just beautiful. I grew up looking for a very good side that won the world championships in Germany and Brazil. I didn’t know, for 20 years, it was better than that. The injury came again in 2004 under Mark Hughes. Then came John Toshack and shed the blood of many young people – many now on this side, including young Gareth Bale.

Excellent Gary Speed ​​came on as a manager behind Toshack. He changed the organization, demanded better jobs and formed a kind of organization. Chris Coleman was the last and led us to Euro 2016, our first major tournament in 58 years. We reached the semi-finals and only lost to the winners in Portugal. We had a great show at Euro 2020 and so far. It’s a story. Andrew, 41, civil servant, Swansea

‘I shed some tears’

Russell. Photo: Russell

I’ve been watching Wales at home and abroad since I was 14 and we’ve had a lot of low levels. I know we are close to voting many times just to feel the heartache.

I was lucky to go to every game at Euro 2016, which drove out a lot of those demons, but I can’t believe we’re going to the World Cup until the final round – and I have to admit that I spilled some. waimaka. I am very proud of this team.

The World Cup in Qatar was a joke, but I wanted to go there because we first saw my life. I’m waiting for the Wales FA ticket to go on sale. Russell, 46, Kent

‘Qualification is a big change’

Alan, 66, is a Welshman living in Spain.

After all the team struggles in my youth, I was happy to see them qualify for the big competitions but was humbled by the way they were against the game. Even as a Welshman I was happy to see Ukraine win.

When I was younger, I was used to Wales competing with North Ireland for last place in the old Home tournament, so choosing the World Cup was a big change. The fact that the finals are being made in a country with dubious human history and in a part of the world that is unsuitable for high -level sports confirms the total disaster that professional football is. Alan, 66, pharmacy pharmacy, Spain

‘This is the best time to be a Wales host’

James and his friend Rachael.
James and his friend Rachael.

After I moved to Cardiff in 2012, my first game was a terrific 0-0 against the Republic of Ireland at a friendly. Coming from that to watch us compete in three tournaments and win our National Team team was amazing.

While this may be the best time to be a player in Wales, I’m looking forward to the future, knowing it may be the last time we’ll see Gareth Bale and the stuff. other games, but I’m excited for the talent to come. I have to thank half of my Welsh family for digging my Welshness into me when I was growing up in Birmingham. James, 35, is a civil servant, Cardiff

‘I’m happy for my father, who remembers 1958’

Wales loves Gina.

I grew up supporting the organizations of the 1980s and there was an idea we needed. It seems like there are a few last minutes or so of misfortune that will stop us from accomplishing things: the foul at the 1976 European Championship against Yugoslavia, Joe Jordan’s hand -wringing decision. against Scotland at the 1978 World Cup, Iceland’s match at the 1982 World Cup when Wales won but didn’t qualify for the goal difference. We saw other Home Nations competing, even though we thought we were good if not good.

I am happy for my father, he is in his eighties and is talking a lot about the last time Wales were selected for the World Cup in 1958. It was great that he could have new memories and happy to think. Gina, 47, university education officer, Edinburgh

‘It’s great to see this company’

After many heartaches, it has been a joy to watch this team over the past ten years. To see Wales have unintended consequences because of friendship, camaraderie, intelligence, fun and hard work fills me with Welsh pride.

My thoughts always go to Gary Speed ​​when this team is so close to expectations. He changed the way the nation felt about our football team by restoring pride by wearing red. It’s one trip in a lifetime to see Wales in Qatar but because of the serious problems that have been reported in human rights abuses, I’ll watch from the comfort of my own fanpark in Cardiff. Wayne, 39, Roose

Wales would make fun of us for almost being able to vote


I never thought this would happen in my lifetime. I cried and cried when Paul Bodin missed that penalty, and watched the 1994 World Cup with sadness, hoping for what could have been done. Wales would make fun of us almost to compete or win a world class team (like West Germany after they won the World Cup), but we were beaten by a good team that beat us. one hundred.

Lastly, we have a group of players who adore the game for their country and go to the fire to do it. I am very proud. I want to go to at least one of the games, even though I’m having a hard time keeping up with going to Qatar. With the cost of living crisis I don’t know how much I will have to pay back now for the debt. But I had to rest that little girl in me who dreamed of seeing Wales at the World Cup and didn’t expect today to come. Emma, ​​41, college teacher, Bristol

‘We came from crying over pints to being covered in beer’

Wales fan Jon, 45, lives in Caerphilly.

We did so many times and our hearts ached and I began to think that it would never be possible in my life. Then we qualified for Euro 2016 and the semi-finals. That changed everything.

We came from crying in our pints to being covered in beer from crazy parties. We’ve had some of the best players over the years but no team like Coleman, and now Rob Page. It started with Gary Speed. I want him to come and see this. We are not afraid of any of that team and the game against England on 29 November will be a big one. Jon, 45, customer service manager, Caerphilly

I cried for every shortcoming. Finally, I will cry with joy ‘

David, 60, lives in Powys.

I’m even happier with our confirmation, as it’s a lifelong lover who has gone through every inconvenience since the 1985 game with Scotland.

I cried over each of our failures, riding the wave of hope before the end of each game. Finally, I cried with joy at our amazing performance. I am pleased with our progress.

It is very sad to see the fate of Qatar, a country I cannot visit with its disgusting history of human rights, and the deaths of workers in stadiums and industries. They should not be given the consequences. David, 60, environmental scientist, Powys

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