NBA Finals – Game 4: Victory for the Golden State Warriors (best team 2-2)

Earlier this morning, Game 4 of the NBA finals was played, which is between the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors since June 2. Prior to this game, the Celtics led 2-1. Steve Kerr’s men were very successful to quickly get the score on the difficulty of seeing the most successful victory in the United States. It is a difficult task but not impossible. In a high -stakes tournament where the Boston Celtics won the first half, it was the Warriors who won and sealed the entire game. Return to this game where each team wins by half.

The first half wanted the Boston Celtics

The first team to play this game was the Boston Celtics through Mr. Smart scored 2. It will be followed by K. Thompson. Two minutes later, R. Williams III and J. Tatum scored 2 and 3. In the fifth minute, S. Curry scored two points and was followed by R. Williams III. earns number 1. The score after 5 minutes is 12-6 ahead of the Boston Celtics.

On Day 7, A. Wiggins got the No. 3 basket and was followed by J. Tatum who got the No. 2. After 2 minutes, A. Wiggins got 2 free throws which he counted. D. White got 2 points, followed by A. Wiggins two points. The final minute of the quarter will see S. Curry seal the 2-point basket. J. Tatum answered with a 3-point shot followed by J. Poole (2 points). Finally, G. Williams finished the game with a 3-point shot. Final score of the first quarter: 28-27 for the Boston Celtics.

Put now the second quarter starting at the whirlwind. On the 15th, J. Poole scored two point 3. After 3 minutes, Pritchard scored 1 and was followed by S. Curry with a 2-point basket. . J. Tatum and J. Brown picked up two baskets on the key to take the score to 39-39. The 21 -year -old will be guarded by Boston Celtics players. First, M. Smart shot 3 points and points and then A. Horford got 2 free throws and counted them.

The final minute of the game was marked by 2 points from J. Tatum and K. Looney’s response in a 2-point basket as well. The score was 26-22 for this quarter. Both teams returned to the locker room with a combined score of 54-49 for the Boston Celtics.

The Golden State Warriors were strong in the second half

When he returned to the locker room, Steve Kerr’s men were even better, no doubt from their coach. On the 25th, S. Curry and K. Thompson stood at numbers 3 and 2. After 3 minutes, J. Tatum got 2 free throws and signaled them to take the score to 63- 56 for the Boston Celtics.

K. Looney had 2 points and was followed by D. White who scored on a 3-point shot in the 31st. The 34th minute was marked by S. Curry with a third shot and a 2nd basket by J. Tatum. In the 36th minute, S. Curry finished the 3rd quarter with a 3-point basket that allowed the Golden State Warriors to take the lead in front of the knife (79-78). Note that the Warriors won this round by 30-24.

The last quarter will clearly show the first. On the 37th, D. White had 3 points, and was followed by J. Poole with 2 points. On the 40th, J. Poole returned to the field and got a 2-point basket. After 3 minutes, A. Wiggins grabbed the basket on the racket (2 points) and M. Smart responded with a 3-point shot to take the score to 94-90 for Boston. Celtics. On the 47th, S. Curry and A. Horford scored 3 points for their teams, followed by K. Looney who scored 2 points.

One minute from the end of the game, the score was 97-102 for the Warriors. The end of the game will be marked by a flurry of offense from the Boston players. This allowed S. Curry to chain 5 free throws in a row to take the score to 107-97 for the Golden State Warriors. This last round was won by S. Curry’s teammates 28-19.

The performance of players from both teams

Boston Celtics

• J. Tatum: 23 points – 11 rebounds – 6 assists
• J. Brown: 21 points – 6 rebounds – 2 assists
• Mr. Smart: 18 points – 4 rebounds – 5 assists
• D. White: 16 points – 1 rebound – 1 assist
• A. Horford: 8 points – 6 rebounds – 4 assists
• R. Williams III: 7 points – 12 rebounds – 4 assists
• Mr. Williams: 3 points – 1 rebound
• P. Pritchard: 1 point and 1 rebound.

Golden State Warriors

• S. Curry: 43 points – 10 rebounds – 4 assists
• K. Thompson: 18 points – 2 rebounds – 1 assist
• A. Wiggins: 17 points – 16 rebounds – 2 assists
• J. Poole: 14 points – 1 rebound – 1 assist
• K. Looney: 6 points – 11 rebounds – 2 assists
• G. Payton II: 5 points – 4 rebounds – 1 assist
• D. Green: 2 points – 9 rebounds – 8 assists
• O. Porter Jr .: 2 points – 1 rebound – 1 assist
• N. Bjelica: 1 rebound.

With this win, the Golden State Warriors took the score in all competitions to 2-2. Featuring a fun and challenging game 5. Who will lead the next game? See you in 3 days.

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