Jorge Figaras – 2022 NHL Draft Profile

Jorge Figaras

2021-22 Team: North York Rnagers (OJHL)
Birthdate: April 26, 2004
Birthplace: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Height: 6ft-2 Weight: 194 Pounds
shoots: t
Position: d
NHL Draft Eligibility: 2022 Year One Qualifying


Junior A’s hockey league is beginning to become a great league for developing and preparing prospects and young talent for the NHL entry draft. The Ontario Junior Hockey League may be on that road. Jack McBain, who played for the Toronto Junior Canadiens in his draft, was drafted in 2018 by the Minnesota Wild (now with the Arizona Coyotes). Ryan Tverberg played for the same team and was recently selected in the seventh round of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2020.


North York Rangers defensive man Jorge Figaras is looking forward to joining them not only to enlist, but eventually make his mark in the league. Cornell University’s commitment was prominent in the junior season as he finished second in team scoring with 48 points and third overall in the league among defenders.

Shane Wright and Logan Cooley (hockey authors)

What immediately stands out about Fegaras is his offensive IQ, ability to control the game, and play quickly from the backend. He has great speed and smooth movement with his stride and movement when driving or joining the dash. He is quick to move, maintains good body posture and pinch control while identifying open lanes of attack. It is a precise and accurate passer when out of its area to extend the game and perform a powerful penetrating performance.

Fegaras already has crazy, fast shooting, beating goalkeepers from anywhere on the ice. Whether it’s from between the blue line and the top of the circle or even from a poor, low-profile shooting angle, he has the ability to put him on the net, precise angle selection, and fool everyone else. He does a great job of reading the situation and if he has a chance to sneak undetected for a scoring opportunity, he’ll take it. He has a quick shot in his wrist and gets a great deal of power when he finishes with one timer or even a quick shot.

Jorge Figaras pops the water bottle for his sixth goal of the season to continue his strong season emerging from the month-long OJHL hiatus. Fegaras has now reached 29 points (6G, 23A) in 35 games and is the first in a rookie D-man to score across the entire league. #2222NHLDraft #OHLRangers

While Fegaras excels on the offensive side of things, he has a good defensive foundation in his game. He has great control over the gap and keeps defenders outside in a hurry while also being physically in his stature. He is always looking to find out where the pressure is coming from in order to maintain control and try to eliminate or spot his teammates when out of the area. Sometimes, he’s cool in his position and can evade him. In other cases, making the decision to make the attempt isn’t that strong.

Fegaras has the awareness and the tools to help him become a better defender because he is a player who is always looking to work and improve. He can look to maintain consistency in his defensive game as he looks to continue developing and working on his game in general as the competition becomes more difficult.

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Jorge Figaras – The NHL Projection

Fegaras has a decent ranking of central scouting for the OJHL player. There is a possibility that due to his season as a rookie and the combination of offensive tools he possesses, he might be a player who could garner some attention as one of the top 100 players. If the teams are confident in his play and that he can develop well, seeing him as a third or early fourth-round choice is a really good possibility. Now I’m fourth, but when I watch more of his match he’ll be higher on my final list.


“George has shown a perfect match from start to finish this season. He is a very good athlete who has shown strong dedication to the game and has improved throughout the year. His strong two-way playing as a defender allows him to be a team maker when on the ice. He is an excellent skater, a strong puck handler And a meticulous mart. He has a good mind for the game and has been the backbone of his team all season.” – Joey Tenot, NHL Central Scouting

“He has been fantastic all year. He has continued to grow and improve as a player. George is one of those kids who is constantly seeking feedback on how to improve his game and improve himself…. He has been a rock out there for us. I am so impressed with how he manages to skate the pucks out our area and causing an attack from our rear end.” – Jeff Shumoji, North York Rangers coach

“Fegaras is an offensive defensive guy with high level puck skills and can join in to dash or tack away from the blue line and make an accurate shot. With a defensive game still in development, it is Fergaras’ ability to move pucks and create scoring opportunities that really stands out.” – Shawn Richardson, FC Hockey (from “23695 – North York v St Michaels”, hockey – 22/04/07)

strength point

  • Speed ​​and Mobility
  • Archery and accuracy
  • Strong in transition
  • Passing and gaming capabilities
  • Always ready to improve

Under construction – improvements to do

  • Keep the defensive game
  • Adapt to the next level
  • Consistency when dealing with pressure

NHL potential

Fegaras has the ability to be a powerful defender with puck moves, dictating five-on-five play and playing the role of a quarterplay. However, given his work ethic and mentality, and if his defensive game gets disrupted, he could be a serious two-way threat on the ice. With his mobility and transitional play, he would be a great addition as a consistent duo defender.

Risk and reward analysis

Risk- 3/5, Reward 3/5

Fantasy hockey odds

Offense – 7/10, defense 6.5/10

Awards / Achievements

Last season, Vegaras was named to the OJHL First Team All-Star Team. He also received the OJHL Rookie of the Year and won the OJHL Top Prospect. Committed to Cornell University for the 2023-24 season.

Statistics Jorge Figaras


Monster Night for #OHLRangers Choose Jorge Figaras (Tweet embed) on Saturday, scoring 2 goals and making 2 to raise his season total to 11 points (3G, 8A) in 9 games

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