“I’ll buy everything in the team for Westbrook to come”

Unfortunately this season, Russell Westbrook continues to cultivate crazy dreams. For example, a well -known reviewer sees him joining a specific franchise in the East… even though he intends to separate himself from the rest of the general staff!

perhaps Russell Westbrook to later use the Lakers shirt in 2022-23, it’s not necessary for the franchise to believe in him. Admittedly, the leaders have not been able to arouse the interest of the competition about him, which comes from an advertisement under all circumstances. Between him and the $ 47 million he will have next year, no one wants to take the risk when he finishes the deal within 12 months. That’s the main thing about his score …

On the part of observers, Brodie’s case is isolated but smaller and some believe it could return in the coming months. If he hadn’t hesitated to hit him in the current draft, Stephen A. Smith continues to hope for the first Wizard, as he explains in the set ofESPN. He also announced that he would like to see him land for the Knicks, and he was ready for anyone to sign him there!

Stephen A. Smith was ready to host Russ to the Knicks

I will show my full support for Russell by saying this, I will confirm on film: I will be ready to release any player from the Knicks roster to hire Russell Westbrook. I will trade everything if necessary! Los Angeles may not be his, but is he playing somewhere else with that energy, determination and sport? I gave him the Knicks shirt today, if I could.

We hope the players of Tom Thibodeau’s roster will appreciate this debate from the air … By the way, it will still help make it happen. a transfer from Evan Fournier to the California, for the French should be well paid if a partner. A New York native from the start, the writer, however, had to face a disastrous year for his favorite franchise, which was the only one to finish 11th in the Eastern League.

In fact, they didn’t have the chances of that event, as LA said they wanted to keep it and the Big Apple quickly declined any interest in it. However, Smith’s argument is interesting: the city of angels may not be the best place for RW, right now. Under pressure after a season of humility and meeting the expectations of the local community, it may be able to shine elsewhere.

Russell Westbrook at the Knicks? Stephen A. Smith would pay a lot to know that, of course. However, this has a lot to say about what the workers on the NY side will be pushing for, which will be phased out in 2022-23.

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