Were the three new threats of the league revealed?

Despite the failures of this type of team, the Big Three are still visible in the NBA. The proof: a new franchise this summer is looking to add three superstars to its ranks, so it will have something to shake up the competition!

If the current Finals announcement between the Celtics and Warriors can provide an example of how to build the team, it won’t. Although there are many stars in this group, almost all of them are made up of two groups. What weighs down is the image of the big duos or trios gathered from the rubbish period.

The recent results of the three major teams that have gathered in the NBA around the past few years have not been very impressive. Perhaps the best examples of these losses are the Lakers and Nets, whose fights this season will be lessons for other teams. However, it looks like one of them is trying to “make” his triplet of All-Stars.

The star was followed by the 76ers to support Harden and Embiid

While arriving with the joy of James Harden last February, the Sixers were unable to sign the name they coveted. Unfortunately, they saw their dreams shattered in the second round of the game, which was ended by the Heat. So the Philadelphia front office will seek to revitalize the roster during the season, and therefore hopes for… Bradley beal like Grant Hughes of Bleacher report !

Different sources suggest that Beal and Embiid would like to work. Shortly after the trade deadline, Bill Simmons of The Ringer It was revealed in his podcast Embiid “‘Beal’ really wanted and urged him to come. In March, Andrew Bogut said in his podcast Beal” he was told “to” try to land in Philadelphia in this summer to join Harden and Embiid. ”»

So, interest is in this file, and it can be done on paper. In fact, Beal claimed that he could shine with another star in Washington, like John Wall. At the same time, Harden slowly returned to being a manager, desperate for visual aids. However, Hughes would like to say that it will be difficult to organize a team of talent for Phila:

Can they get their hands on Beal? If we want we can. As a practice, the Sixers will have to find a buyer to pay Tobias Harris in order to sign Beal, or to secure an impossible deal. But there is a lot of smoke, which indicates that it can be ignited by fire.

Always looking for the winning way to win the title, the 76ers will be tempted by the idea of ​​teaming up with Bradley Beal along with Joel Embiid and James Harden. See if these three are more successful than the ones established in the other areas of the lion!

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