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Rhyce Ramsden is 21 years old who plays for Manchester City Amputees and will represent England at the World Cup in Turkey later in the year; the competition starts on September 30th and ends on October 9th.

Earlier, the Bolton Wanderers fan was heading to the Amp Futbol Cup in Poland this weekend and his side Manchester City finished 3rd in the Amputee Champions League held in Poland last week. end of last month. Rhyce told us his story about becoming a footballer, supporting Wanderers and his aspirations for the future.

“I cut below the knees for most of my life. I was born with two legs but in time the doctors diagnosed my leg with a disease. Cancer is not a disease but because of its size and its proximity to my roots, the only option was to have my leg amputated. I am 5 months old.

“After being told I could play goal when I was a kid I was hurt. However, it was only the accident that made me stronger. If you put your mind to it, you can do it. One thing. it is only a step closer to solving all the problems.

“At school, I was a part of any sports team my age, whether it was football, handball or futsal. I always played football with my prosthetic leg as a guard. School football helped me play for the Saturday team as a guard.

“I was 11 years old and preparing for my GCSE exams in the summer when my teacher, Mr Mooney, met with my current England manager Owen Coyle Jr (the player’s son). and former Wanderers captain – Owen Coyle).

“He introduced me to the sport next weekend at the youth camp in Crewe. He met Paul Kelly who is the coach at Manchester City Amputees. I played for them for 5 years . “

Ramsden has been described as part of the England team that reached the final of the European Championships in Turkey in 2017 in just 16 years. Owen Coyle Jr’s side beat Russia in the semi-finals before playing Turkey in front of 42,000 fans at Besiktas ’Vodafone Park Arena in Istanbul.

“As an amputee footballer, I want to win a big box for my team (Champions League) or the World Cup with England.

“What I really want to do every day is to constantly improve myself as a player and become the best I can be.”

Taken a few miles from the University of Bolton Stadium, the 21 -year -old admits he has high hopes for the Wanderers for the upcoming 2022/23 campaign.

“I have lived in Tonge Moor since my childhood but I went to St. Louis. Catherine’s Academy and Breightmet.

“I don’t have a season ticket right now but my friend and I are putting one for next season. I think we’re going to make some football games this season, it’s a very exciting time to be a Bolton player.

“As a fan, my favorite time supporting the team was Aaron Wilbraham’s winning goal against Nottingham Forest in 2018 to keep us in the Championship. Kevin Davies is my favorite Bolton Wanderers player of all time, and Dapo Afolayan is my favorite player on the team right now.

Asked about what it’s like to live as an amputee footballer, Rhyce added: “I always train whether it’s in the gym, swimming or cardio.

“At EAFA (England Amputee Football Association) we have a professional organization with a lot of staff to help support us. From physios to sports psychologists. We are supported at all times of the day. We are available. we have a food pantry to help our diet.

“We spent the same time as a team and we built a good relationship. We were like family. We had weekly church meetings with different teachers and staff watching over us. in our work that helps us do better.

Although we are charity, we have no money so we have to raise our own money so that we can replace our country with competitions and world events.

“I’m raising money to cover my country at the World Cup in Turkey this September. I don’t have a single supporter right now, but I’m looking for another.

Find out more about the England Amputee Football Association (EAFA) by clicking on the links below:

Site: www.theeafa.co.uk

Twitter: @amputeefootball

Facebook: facebook.com/TheEAFA

Instagram: @eafa_ampfooty

If you would like to help Rhyce with her fundraisers, click here.

Images: LAJ Kii.

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