Volleyball: The Blues are trying out Andrea Giani’s role in the League of Nations

Meeting for two weeks, French volleyball players will be able to join, from this Wednesday, the style of Andrea Giani, their new coach from the end of March, during the League of Nations, with the status of the Olympic leaders to honor.

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A game in Ottawa (Canada) this week, the second in the Philippines in Quezon City at the end of the month and the last in Osaka (Japan) in early July: after a League draw of Nations live in a sanatorium. bubble in Rimini (Italy) last year, back to normal for the Blues.

Nine months after leaving the Euros with a win against the Czech Republic, France will try out the form of a new coach, following the humble departure of Bernardinho, the man of Andrea Giani, another big name in world volleyball. ” He also played at the highest level, won many titles, screened the systems from A to Z, the Italian way. “, Underlines the receiver-attacker of the Blues, Earvin Ngapeth, before the start of preparation for the VNL (Volleyball Nations League), in Poitiers at the end of May.

Learn to know each other

It is good to have this VNL, we are going to the four corners of the world, we will be living together for a month and a half. Help him see everything “Join the Modena player, who has worked with Giani all seasons in Italy.

We need to take the time to get to know each other (…) so that the team takes the time to get to know each other, we will connect well. ”, said Jean Patry, the gold medalist in Tokyo last summer.

In the three windows of VNL, the Blues are standing at their best, except for Russia, the Olympic champion in Tokyo and left until further notice after the attack. in Ukraine February 24.

The list for the first round, in Ottawa, promises to be many, including Canadians, Italians, 2021 European champions, Serbs, 2019 European champions and Poles, 2014 and 2018 world champions.

“He was very demanding. He quickly put us in style and said what he wanted on the pitch.”

Bernardinho and Andrea Giani are very strong men. He can give us more. We are a team that needs a lot of independence on the pitch. But with this kind of technology, we can make progress “said Ngapeth.

He was very demanding, very hard, he knew what he wanted, he immediately introduced us to the character and he immediately told us what he wanted on the pitch. », Thanks to Patry.

The 12 games to be played until mid -July will be in full preparation for the World Championships in Slovenia and Poland from August 26 to September 11, the only tournament that has not missed a good generation. too much of the volley. French.

Twelve games less, and fifteen more, if the Blues go to the finals of the VNL, with the quarter-finals, promised to the first eight of the group stage, semi-finals and final. scheduled for Bologna in Italy in late July.

France will start the tournament on Wednesday night through Friday (at 1:30 am) against Italy.

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Volleyball: The Blues are trying out Andrea Giani’s role in the League of Nations

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