The crazy 6-game shooter sends Rudy Gobert to the Soldiers!

Of course, Rudy Gobert could leave the Jazz this summer. The pivot cannot be fixed, even if we are far from a possible switch. He was going to get rid of the large cannons, and perhaps the Soldiers had found what they needed. One commentator suggested a 6-player deal could do damage to the Western Conference.

Unable to sue this season at the Jazz, as he is limited, Rudy Gobert has fulfilled his part of the deal. It was a great defense in the game, and a very good result for his team. The problem is, the men of former coach Quin Snyder can’t respond to the Mavericks ’challenge. It puts an end to the frustration for this employee, who didn’t make it to the end of the conference in 8 seasons: in other words, for a franchise that wants the title, it’s very worrying.

It is expected to be a question for Jazz, which will have consequences in the future, as a major commercial. Donovan Mitchell? It cannot be touched. She was considered by the first office to be the cornerstone of the project, which meant she would not leave, even if it was a big donation. Something else for Rudy Gobert, being traded in some negotiations as we will see this Tuesday.

Changing the franchise in the West for Gobert?

There was no news about the names of the teams, although it is known that the Bulls, as well as the Raptors, have expressed a desire to bring back France. Another franchise could be invited to the party, and not the least: the Soldiers, they need a real pivot. Kevon Looney has shown great things, but the first office may want to make a better improvement in this area. Well, Salt Lake Tribune columnist Eric Walden first considered a change.

Soldiers recover: Rudy Gobert, Royce O’Neale

Jazz revivals: Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman, Jonathan Kuminga, Moses Moody

The amazing Warriors are struggling with the depth of the field to bring back the free-throw defense, while the Jazz will return an All-Star winger and a collection of lottery picks (one in, two wings) to the return.

In fact, the Dubs returned two defensive tackles. Gobert was one of the best, but O’Neale showed the best on this side of the fence. It was enough to build a real fence in Golden State, where things would have to be heavy. But when it comes to thinking about a partner, is it a problem? Maybe. Utah has Wiggins here, an interesting story on Mitchell’s side, and the youngster, enough to take care of their future.

The big problem we see here is for the Dubs. The young sacrifice was an option, but not for Joe Lacob, who was the owner. The latter wants to include these players in the future of the Warriors, so they can’t be burdened like the latest news. However, it will not be possible to negotiate this summer, even if Golden State leaves without a name.

Rudy Gobert in the Soldiers? That’s a reasonable price. It remains to be seen if the Jazz will be a seller, but the Dubs are more than willing to try to pull it off. Discuss the information on a case in point for this summer, with perhaps a lot of excitement at the key.

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