Steve Kerr (Golden State) after losing to Boston in Game 3: “They can get us”

Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, after losing Game 3 in Boston (116-100): “They deserve this victory. With their pressure, we thought we would swim in the ocean most of the evening. In the first half, we didn’t defend very well. They didn’t follow the rules, but they ran into us and hurt us. Stephen? He dodged like crazy and it was seen that the third quarter was where he was amazing when he shot. They allowed us to go on but we weren’t enough for the fourth.

We died of rebounds. They get about 20 points on those lines. The difference worked. Draymond, he will return. As always. We trust in his strength and wisdom. His podcast? No problem for me. We are in 2022. The world has changed. Players are a part of the media now, we know that. Even so. Yes, this is a difficult night for all of us. Nothing more to say. 2-1. We had a day to get ready for game 4 and we were going back. »

Stephen Curry, Golden state guard (31 points on 12/22):(about his left leg) I am in pain but it will be fine. It’s like Boston in the regular season but not as bad. I don’t think I’m going to miss a game. I don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t know if it can be prevented. Jaylen Brown had some tough shots in the first quarter. We didn’t hit it much and we paid the price for it around the game by running after the score. We have to play with our strong third quarter all the time so that two don’t win the game in a row. It is helpful to know that we have seen everything in the last eight years and that we can count on this knowledge to live on display. »

Golden State Draymond Green (2 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists): “I played like crap …. I never saw my music on either side of the pitch. I was soft, it was a disappointment. We let them play a lot with their strength. We have this formula, “require them to play left -handed” and I don’t think we did this evening (Wednesday). When you allow a group to be comfortable, especially at home, it becomes difficult. We fought, we led short. But it will be much better. I will be better. We need to win Game 4, go back to 2-2. The public? It is not my job to answer them. I thought that. I like that, the mischievous act. But I can’t say I fed him tonight. I didn’t eat much. »

Klay Thompson, Golden state guard (25 points, on 7/17): “I played better but it wasn’t enough because we lost. I’d like to put in a bad action and get a game result 2. It doesn’t matter how many pictures you get. The result is the only thing that matters. But if we let that go, we have a good chance to match the record on Friday and win at home. We’ve played before in front of the mob. Afterwards, swing “bad …” with the kids in the audience … The upper class. Boston is doing well …

I think Steph is doing well. It is our experience and without it it would be very difficult. We don’t do much. We were the same as before. I think of the 2015 vibes. They play like Cleveland. They don’t have LeBron James but Tatum, the All-NBA guy and Brown is knocking on the door. I think we’ll give you a big game on Friday. Yes. »


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