Play | Rugby – CAN 2022: at a training ground in Sisteron, Côte d’Ivoire “could write a new page in its history”

Don’t fall into the clichés: yes, a good laugh reigns on the pitch of the Chaumiane stadium in Sisteron and the first practice, including those in reactivity action with thrown tennis balls on the other hand it is necessary to catch them without knowing their first action. journey, taken with rest. But the Elephants of Côte d’Ivoire didn’t come for a training session in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence for the tour even though the mountain ranges behind it detract from the image. “We worked for four days with Friday mornings, which was mostly talk. explains Edgar Babou, Ivorian government adviser. We are preparing for the 2022 African Cup of Nations to serve as a qualifier for the 2023 World Cup in France. The eight best African teams will meet in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence from July 1 to 10. We have great ideas because we have won the best African team in the last twenty years. past South Africa: Namibia. Our player is unlocked!

There was no time to rest as the Elephants traveled, this Tuesday morning, to a partner gym of CO Sisteron, the local team that hosts the selection of the entire class, to work hard there. Edgar Babou confirmed that “The first time Ivory Coast came to train in Sisteron“, accustomed to playing a little to the left.”The Sisteron team was contacted through Léon Loppi”, from Var and was a former Frenchman who worked for RC Toulon or the Pays d’Aix, before becoming a consultant at CO Sisteron.

We are a team with small companies, and at Sisteron, we see the hospitality standards that high companies want. In fact, federations like ours grow with € 80,000 per year and joining the CAN costs close to € 120,000. In short, we spent our money in less than a month of competition. “Then we need to have close friends but also good relationships like Léon Loppi and Sylvain Duparchy, the former president of the COS and since his election as a member of the South PACA Rugby League, to reduce the risk. bila.

After waking up, the team was recorded, under the supervision of the staff, the stages of the game with a first step in releasing the recording. The first reception under pressure from the opponent’s block, some parts of the game were graced with reels before being released on foot, the odds were very light. Don’t forget to re -edit your contacts. With a workforce that combines the youth and passion of the new generation of Ivorian rugby with the knowledge of older players, Côte d’Ivoire is trying to unite its team. “With this internship at the beginning of the players, we wanted to work togetherin memory of Dijonnais Kévin Brou. This allows young people to integrate well into the organization by giving them the demands and knowledge that we know. We’re watching the first game with Zimbabwe, we don’t want to watch it now. “

Despite everything, the ability to win this tournament and play in the upcoming World Cup in France remains in the corner of the 2nd row head of Dion Evrard Oulai who used the most of his career in Pro D2. “If it goes well, we will write a new page in history. There are 95 generations who entered the World Cup. We didn’t have a younger generation to take on, due to the political crisis in Côte d’Ivoire. So we wanted to look for a brand like they did in 1995 and show that the Elephants are a great football team.

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