Pauline Bourdon and Marjorie Mayans return to the team for the World Cup

A total of 38 players, including new French champions from Toulouse Laure Sansus, Céline Ferer and Gaëlle Hermet, have been called up since July 18 to prepare for this fall World Cup in New Zealand, where Les Bleues are expected to shine in behind their second place. the Tournament this spring, FFR announced on Friday.

Only 32 of them will travel to New Zealand to take part in the World Cup (October 8-November 12), said France’s new women’s XV candidate, Thomas Darracq, quoted in the release of in the Federation. Among the Blues called up were 23 who went into the losing game (30-24) on April 30 at Bayonne against England, in “lastthe six -nation competition.

Marjorie Mayans, Pauline Bourdon and Rose Bernadou return to the group. Lastly, four players were not selected at 38: Charlotte Escudéro, Morgane Bourgeois, Lina Queyroi and Elisa Riffoneau. “It took us three months to clean up this company. The difficulty is maintaining our mental state and refining the critical details of our quest to + match + with the best races.added Darracq.

These “the best races“, The French will have the opportunity to face him from the group stage, as they have been paid in Pool C with England, at the top of the world and won the 2022 Six Nations Tournament. The XV women of France will receive the “Red Roseson Oct. 15 at Northland Events in Wangarei.

Until then, “a strong preparation awaits this team that combines physical development, mental strength in the service of our sport (…) We will conduct internships at the National Rugby Center and beyond Marcoussis, in order to train the team.“For jet lag in a way, Thomas Darracq added.

The new coach nominee was promoted on May 31 to replace Annick Hayraud, who is the director. He will be supported in his work by Gaëlle Mignot, former Blues captain who won the Grand Slam in 2014, and David Ortiz, ex-coach of Agen’s former team (Pro D2).

After reuniting at CNR of Marcoussis from July 18 to 20, the Bleues will be released a few days before meeting for a first internship, which will be in Essonne, from July 31 to August 9. A then they will travel to Andorra, from August 14 to 24, and then to Nice, from August 30 to September 11.

The announcement of the 32 players selected for the World Cup will take place on 11 September, before leaving for New Zealand on 22 September.

The team of 38 players:

Mainstays: Rose Bernadou (Montpellier, 6 sel.), Yllana Brosseau (Bordeaux, 5 sel.), Annaëlle Deshaye (Lyon, 32 sel.), Celia Domain (Blagnac, 3 sel.), Clara Joyeux (Blagnac, 30 sel. ), Assia Khalfaoui (Bordeaux, 4 vols.), Coco Lindelauf (Blagnac, 8 vols.)

Hookers: Agathe Sochat (Bordeaux, 35 votes), Laure Touyé (Montpellier, 21 votes), Elisa Riffoneau (Rennes, 0 votes)

The two lines: Madoussou Fall (Bordeaux, 16 caps), Manaé Feleu (Grenoble, 2 caps), Céline Ferer (Toulouse, 52 caps), Safi N’Diaye (Montpellier, 85 caps), Audrey Forlani (Blagnac, 56 caps ), Charlotte Escudero (Blagnac, 0 caps)

The three lines: Julie Annery (Stade français, 25 sel.), Axelle Berthoumieu (Blagnac, 8 sel.), Emeline Gros (Montpellier, 17 sel.), Gaëlle Hermet (Toulouse, 44 sel.), Marjorie Mayans (Blagnac. , 47 years). cell. sel.), Romane Ménager (Montpellier, 48 picks.)

Scrum-half: Pauline Bourdon (Toulouse, 37 captains), Alexandra Chambon (Grenoble, 6 captains), Laure Sansus (Toulouse, 28 captains)

Half fly: Caroline Drouin (Rennes, 24 captains), Lina Queyroi (Blagnac, 0 captains)

Hosts: Marie Dupouy (Blagnac, 1 hat), Chloé Jacquet (Lyon, 8 hats), Gabrielle Vernier (Blagnac, 25 hats)

Wings: Cyrielle Banet (Montpellier, 22 sel.), Caroline Boujard (Montpellier, 46 sel.), Maëlle Filopon (Toulouse, 14 sel.), Mélissandre Llorens (Blagnac, 3 sel.), Marine Ménager (Montpellier, 29 sel. )

Backs: Jessy Trémoulière (Romagnat, 70 sel.), Emilie Boulard (Chilly Mazarin, 11 picks), Morgane Bourgeois (Bordeaux, 0 sel.).


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