Jaylen Brown, the striker of the 1st quarter

Three games, three big quarters. Jaylen Brown is a game -changer, and like Game 2, he hits early in the game. He jumped over this first quarter with 17 points in 11 minutes! For 50 years, only Ray Allen, in 2010, scored 17 points in the NBA Finals quarterfinals for the Celtics. That is to say if Brown works differently.

Beyond the numbers, that’s the way it is. Whether it was 3-pointers or breakouts, Brown put the Warrior’s shield on their ankles with his foul play. If Boston leads 10-2 soon, thank him, the Warriors will wait until the end of the third quarter to pass, short, ahead. And when we ask him about how he started playing canon, he doesn’t have to feel like he wants to play fast.

“It’s not a change because that’s my game.” his place. “I think I can have a good defender in front of me. Finding a place is a lot easier than reading the game.”

“It’s important to put good defenders in a game like this.”

After this crazy first quarter, Brown will give Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart. We’ll see him in the final quarter in a defensive position with a big counter on Klay Thompson, and more of the big physical competition put on between the two Splash Brothers. As a result, it’s a feast of lost pitches for the Warriors and the Celtics to play well.

“We have to be very careful with the ball, but the most important things are the little things that count. Putting on the fences for example. You might think it’s an unseen part of the game, but setting it up good screens are important in a game like this.Little things are the difference, and today we have a lot of good screens and we have a bunch of good screens.We need to to do those little things. “

All without haste to anything. For Brown, he is the key in this series. Do not try to race the Soldiers. You have to set your tempo. ” We need to take our time. We want to play fast in the transition, but when we find ourselves in the middle of the field, we need to separate the game well, take our time to find players who are unfamiliar and ready to play. play. »

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