Five good reasons to follow Limoges Handball’s last game with Nîmes

The holiday winds and departures will be blowing this Wednesday evening at the Palais des sports de Beaublanc. The shield is falling this season 2021-2022, here are five good reasons to want this last pregnancy.

Finish with a high note

With the win over Saran, LH opened the pressure of a cut -off game to save the final day against Nîmes. This evening, it was a question of finishing a very short training in the best way for the Limougeauds and getting back on track in front of their supporters after five setbacks in a row at Beaublanc.

Bring Nîmes for the first time

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The LH cannot underestimate Nîmes in its history. Since joining the elite, Limougeaud’s team has been led by USAM: 31-23 and 34-21 in the final training session and 30-28 at the start of the season. It was a tough challenge that presented itself to the Haut-Viennois and even more so as the Gardois, sixth, finished off the cannonball.

Finish the press for some Limougeaud

The last evening of the season promises to be full of ideas in Beaublanc. Players under seven will no longer wear the LH jersey next season. If Igor Zabic (Schaffhausen, Switzerland), Natan Paquiom (Villeurbanne, Proligue), Alexander Morsten and Ivan Budalic leave for other locations, Julian Emonet, Jérémy Suty and captain Ingars Dude will bow. So the evening promises to invigorate the imagination. “We want to end with a very good performance, a good finish for the players to retire or rest,” LH goalkeeper Denis Serdarevic said on Saturday evening, after the win in Saran ( 35-33).
Ratsko Stefanovic, who arrived on the board eight months ago, will also be teaching LH one last time before handing over to Alberto Entrerrios who will lead the team to the tournament. put it on

The Olympic champion bowed three times

Three gold medals at the Olympics, four world champions, three European titles, two Champions League, ten top French … A player with an eloquent history, Michaël Guigou from Nîmes (40) is play the last game of the monumental. Business. It was an honor for Beaublanc who no doubt could pay him the tribute.

Gajic-Sanad, the title of the top scorer on the field

Tonight, two of the top performers will be in the competition: Limougeaud Dragan Gajic and Nîmes Mohammad Sanad. With 223 goals on the clock, the LH’s Slovenian winger is on track to secure his best Starligue title as he is nine points ahead of the Egyptian player (214). Note that if Dragan Gajic gets ten goals, he will compare his score from last season. The symbol of a beautiful stability.

Reginald Marie


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