Cincinnati sand volleyball courts: Where to play

Cincinnati is not close to the ocean. The area may have salt water beaches, but it doesn’t lack sand volleyball courts. There are few in our area. If you are in good health to jump and use one hand, you can play volleyball in the sand.

We’ll pound, set up and spike around Greater Cincinnati’s diverse communities and regions with this perfect guide to the ice box. Now, let’s dig.


Sand Volleyball Championships

The club offers men’s, women’s and beach volleyball games. They have spring (for adults), summer (for adults), fall (for parents and teens), juniors, high school, college and young adults. Two, four or six people. $ 130 for two adults, $ 260 for four, and $ 390 for six. Junior, high school, and college are $ 390.

Big Sands Pop

This is a restaurant and bar that hosts sandball leagues and competitions from Sunday to Friday. There are male, female and coed groups. The summer season is $ 148 for two lions, $ 296 for four lions and $ 444 for six lions. Open play is available on Sundays and is $ 8 per person.

Kings Island Soak City

Kings Island’s water park, Soak City, has a volleyball court. The park also includes 36 water slides, two surf pools and other attractions.

Land of Illusion Adventure Park

This park has sand volleyball courts and six -to -six coed volleyball leagues. It has an inflatable water slide and a Wibit Adventure Zone on its lake.

Swaim Park

The park has a sand volleyball court. It has tennis courts, fishing grounds, baseball fields and playgrounds. Working hours from sunrise.

Warren County Armco Park

There are 311 acres of sand volleyball courts. It also offers an 18-hole golf course, a 110-acre pond for fishing and canoeing, tennis courts, pickleball, disc golf course, gaga holes, nature playscape solar array, basketball courts, shoe holes horse and cornhole. The park was open daily, time allowed, and always closed in the evening. It is open at 7 am from April to August and at 8 am from September to March.

Weller Park

The park has a sand volleyball court. It has football fields, soccer fields, ping pong tables and tennis courts. Working hours from sunrise.


Coney Island Park

Cincinnati’s oldest park is a volleyball court. It has a Sunlite Pool, water slides, Typhoon Twister – a “sprayground,” mini -golf and more interesting activities.

Sand volleyball courts in Western Fifty.

Fifty West Cincinnati

This beer club hosts outdoor volleyball tournaments. It also offers pickleball, cornhole and bicycle. They host several sand volleyball seasons throughout the year. Players can mix and match beer cans on the ice while playing volleyball. 50 West has original flavors and seasonal beers. Volleyball courts are rented Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. for $ 60 per hour. Players can save courts by emailing

YMCA County High School

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