Chartres meets Saint-Raphaël, this Wednesday, hoping to finish a good letter.

What is the final score of the CCMHB? This is the only episode of the Saint-Raphaël reception this Wednesday evening, after the tournament.

While Steeve Baron, the president, has always been eager this winter to gather the first half of the table, and speak widely for 8th place, he is the last of the group to rest a little for a little better.

Not doing well at the level, he would finish 10th at best, with the same number of points as last season, the worst would be to finish 12th. This shows a sense of stagnation in the results, even if the semi-final of the Coupe de France came to bring glory to the whole.

Finish the tour in Chartres for some players

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Will the Chartrains have the resources to have a great journey in front of their public? This was the other question of the evening, as we thought they were beaten, on Saturday evening, in Dunkirk, where they fell hard in the second half (33-27), according to an event in performed a week earlier, last, Nancy (34-31).

For a while, the Euréliens couldn’t finish their game, and even if they’ve bothered the big teams, they’re going to end this long season.

Chartres Hand Co n ° 15: Yannick Cham, Minister of Defense of C’Chartres MHB

Instead of planning for the future, there is therefore one last game to be played, and for a number of players, it is the last one under the Chartres colors. Among the starters, Yannick Cham is the top scorer in the locker room, with six seasons at Chartres and a real role during the company’s move to D1 in 2019. At 36 , The Guadeloupe defender will continue his career next year at. a very low level (Rodez, N2).

It was a good time to see Gayduchenko and Kolakovic

Other starters who have worked briefly at Chartres, such as Titouan Afanou -Gatine (Nancy, D2), Marc Canellas – we haven’t seen this season – Alejandro Barbeito and Djordje Djekic, are set to join guns with Créteil, and Nicolaï Pedersen. Released one year from the end of his contract, the Danish south will have full time in various ways, up and down.

It’s time to end for Chartres, who was beaten this Saturday, in Dunkirk

In addition, Jean-Cochet’s public will be able to watch this Wednesday when he replaces Saint-Raphaël’s Belarusian Vadim Gayduchenko (27), who will sit on the post in the beginning of the school year. The third leading scorer for his team this season (3.2 goals per game), he is one of the men to watch tonight on the SRVHB side, according to Serbian midfielder Aleksa Kolakovic (24), an upcoming Chartrain, returning now. compete after injury.

Kolakovic and Gayduchenko, two of eight departures scheduled for this summer in Saint-Raphaël, are looking for a side. Marking the end of a season, the announcement of the retirement of Olympic champion and third world champion Xavier Barachet, who will play the last game of his career, this Wednesday evening, and Jean-Cochet.

Chartres (halle Jean-Cochet), this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.
Grahovac, Meyer – Ilic, Vium, Figueras, Afanou -Gatine, Pedersen, Kudinov, Dimitrov, Djekic, Onufriyenko, Cham, Jund, Saussay, Tribillon, Vérin, Barbeito. ʻO Entr. : Girona.
Sana-Raphael: Demaille, Popescu – Richeton, Barachet, Simicu, Mapu, Caïs, Sarmiento, Kolakovic, Caucheteux, Vigneron, Di Panda, Goupillon, Marescot, Gayduchenko, Petit. ʻO Entr. : Fortuneanu


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