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France’s top scorer last week, Castres Massaguel Volley-Ball will grow into an N2 woman next season. With undiminished comments, said President Stéphane Cabrol and Vice-President Frédéric Cormary.

You’ve taken over the Castres volleyball belt so far, is sports time right in your minds?

Stephane Cabrol: We took the company over a year ago. The idea is to build something new with this project. The first goal is to increase N2 with girls. The goal is achieved. The top French head is the icing on the cake. The girls fought well but up front, the level was higher.

Will this fall in the end bring critical information?

Frederic Cormary: When you win, you always learn a lot. Now, we appreciate the way our girls ’minds have had an amazing season. We only lost two games. If we had been told at the beginning of the season we would have signed it with both hands. To me, they are the world leaders even if they are in the end.

CS: I think there is a family that is done this season. More than a team.

What are the pros and cons of this season?

CF: So far, we need to act fast. We’ll have two months before we make a solid, add the basics. We knew we had to encourage this group to stay in National 2. Otherwise, we would do the lifting.

Erik Arjona announced his departure, have you planned a new coach?

CF: Whoever it is, a new coach will come and inspire this team. I think the city of Castres will see volleyball again, just like in the 1990s, there was excitement at Cosec.

CS: The public is one of our goals. We were young in 1995, we were in the stands and we remember this pot. As a result, we know we took. We were very happy to see the players standing on the floor at that moment which we admired. We also see first responders, whole families. Interestingly, we fill the room at regular intervals, for example against Puygouzon. Undoubtedly, there is a rally for volleyball in Castres.

Return to the next lesson.

CS: So far we can’t say anything. Let’s say we’re on the critical path of someone who has trained in Ligue A. We’ll also get players who have played at a high level. We are in a planning period, it cannot be motivated.

With what goals?

CS: I’m not saying we want to go up again, that’s not the case, we’ll play care but I want to sit on the upper side of the table.

And at the corporate level in general?

CF: It’s a big project, the new coach won’t just coach the girls of National 2. He will implement a sports policy with all the team’s coaches.

CS: We lacked volunteers to share the activities. We need educators, organizers, leaders at all levels so that the workforce doesn’t run out. It’s also a great opportunity to give big thumbs up to the volunteers who are working these days, especially with the Massaguel competition.

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