Volleyball: Quentin Jouffroy (Narbonne Volley) feels “very proud to be with the French team”

Called up for the first time with the French national team, Quentin Jouffroy traveled to Canada on May 31 to play in the national team. With the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the Narbonne Center is excited to be part of this trip. He trusted the election and his team as well.

How is your new trip going this season, this time with French team clothing?

I felt good. There was a big preparation section in Poitiers, we saw an crazy game in front of more than 5,000 spectators at the Futurscope Arena. Then I learned my options for starting VNL (Volleyball Nations League, editorial). I didn’t think so, I was so surprised. Sure with Narbonne, we had a crazy season. On a personal level, I played a little in the end, but I stayed serious so it paid off a lot.

How has new coach Andrea Giani and the team been Olympic champions since last year’s Tokyo Olympics?

In fact, everything went well. The advantage of Italian staff is that many players speak the language and know each other from playing in Italy. So the change for the coach was quick and easy. No problem, he was Earvin’s (Ngapeth) teacher in Modena, Italy, so he was very popular. For my part in this selection, many of the players I played with were the youth teams of the French team or in A prime.

“I have to start the first game as a starter”

On a personal and collective level, how do you know what is going on for this world championship?

The team needs to move a lot because some players are resting now and may come back, some may go on vacation. For my part, I’m in Canada for the first few games, so my goal is to do well during my time on the pitch. As for everything else, everyone will be relied upon to call me again. It is a great pride to be there. I learn every day with each team and am surrounded by these players. The team includes Bart (Barthélémy Chinenyeze) who plays Lube in Italy (one of the best Italian companies, editor’s note). Even though he was young and I learned a lot with him, he was a very good center if not one of the best in the world, so very good. The company has great value. There are no stars, only on paper. They’re just good, we know what they’re showing in our sport, but they’re simple and they’re always there to help us. I think I will start the first game with Italy.

What are your goals for this first season of the National League with four games in the series (against Italy, Serbia, Canada and Poland)?

I’m not going to hide, I want to do all the VNLs in this team. After these first games in Canada, Nicolas Le Goff will return to the team (Montpellier center is currently on hiatus after being named Champion of France with MHVB, editorial), so I don’t have to leave a server and I do everything to stay. I want to have this experience of doing this all -round competition under the Blue shirt.

A question about Narbonne, there have been a lot of releases announced, how did you find out about the news?

It’s sad and embarrassing to be together so hard, almost everyone leaves. I was at the hotel with Nicolas Zerba and Martin Ramos, and I talked to them, especially with Nico to confirm his stay. We have to rebuild everything, so it’s better to see that, that’s part of the sport. We’ll see next year, but in person it’s hard to see how much this organization has changed.

The Blues program

The French team started its National League with four games in Canada:

– against Italy, this Friday at 1:30 am (French time)

– against Serbia, this Friday at 10:30 pm (French time)

– against Canada, this Saturday at 1:30 am (French time)

– against Poland, this Sunday at 5 (French time).

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