The XXL logo is intended for Kyrie Irving: “Heaven is the limit”

Kyrie Irving continues to dominate the market, while her future with the Nets remains. So a famous American analyst decided to switch to a high -profile group from the East, where Uncle Drew could explode like him!

Seeing Kevin Durant extend his tenure in Brooklyn to 2026 last summer, observers expect him to do the same in the days to come. sugar, Kyrie Irving He hasn’t matched his best teammate on the Nets, and his deal could be seen to end in the coming weeks. He has a player selection for next season, he should be honored.

However, more and more people in the NBA community expect to soon see him join another team. Rumors have been circulating about him in recent days. Sending him to the Lakers where he gets a LeBron James. But for a famous American historian, it was in the East that he could really see the light.

Kyrie Irving in the Heat, the right marriage?

In the last episode of his podcast, Bill Simmons responded to various rumors about Kyrie, and gave his own thoughts on a possible trade in the offseason. He also took the time to negotiate a new deal to send him… to Miami!

How about a trade (Kyle) Lowry and Duncan Robinson for Kyrie and Joe Harris?

According to the latest information, the Heat are not opposed to parting ways with the two players mentioned above. Duncan Robinson was returned to replace Erik Spoelstra during the postseason, although Lowry was fired by the South Beach manager about his weight. It remains to be seen if the Nets will like their arrival under these conditions.

In any case, according to Simmons, the relationship between Irving and Miami will allow the star keeper to once again become one of the lion’s biggest figures!

Kyrie in Heat culture? Heaven is the limit.

In a design as serious and mysterious as that of the Heat, Kyrie, as a scorer, can take a closer look at basketball, and see how hard it can be. lei at the top in 2016. At the same time, the Florida franchise worked. It is not necessary to abandon that kind of difficulty, which is to take this kind of problem in the past with difficulty:

I think Spo ‘is on board. He would say, “We can work with Jimmy (Butler). It’s going to be even crazier.”

Kyrie Irving in the Heat? The meeting was met and idyllic in the eyes of Bill Simmons. Unsurprisingly, the Miami package he said was enough to persuade Brooklyn to abandon his leadership!

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