The big star was revealed at the start of this summer!

Before the game was over, some franchises had already seen the opening of the free service. There seems to be a lot of excitement aroused, as we are on our way to a departure like the latest sounds. If the information proves to be what many companies want to do, there is no doubt.

The free agency hasn’t opened its doors, but there have been a lot of rumors about the coming summer. The Lakers, for example, have started the test No less than 5 players, but as the saying goes, internet users aren’t really sure, far from it. The franchise will have to find a profitable way to complete this list, or it will have to do everything by offering it to another star. Among the goals mentioned? Zach LaVine.

It has to be said that the latter is not sure how to improve the Bulls’ side. He wants to be an independent manager, to experience this level of strength, even though the player will have full control in his future. He could stay in Chicago, side with DeMar DeRozan considering the title, or sign with another cador. It remains to be seen if the Wolves member is concerned with money more than anything else, or with his ownership and tenure of title.

The biggest perceived problem for the Bulls?

Of course, LaVine was actually a shooter in the flying saucer, and there were critics. The only position to pull it off? There may be a chance to win the ring, but above all give him a top deal. Fans think he deserves it, but the Bulls probably don’t. According to Marc Stein, there are rumors in the NBA that Zach will leave Illinois when the market opens.

Teams in the NBA think Zach LaVine could be found.

Technically, LaVine can be designed as a free agent. However, for many months, there was an improvement on the Bulls’ side. But for some reason and reasons, it’s not clear, it’s more likely to see Zach leave Chicago, to see a new company. For the Bulls, it’s a real hit:

DeMar now

Did Zach LaVine leave the Bulls? We take the path. The fullback wants his full contract, and that’s probably the chance to be a real star of a team, unless the main character is competing for the title. We’ll see again because of his decision, he won’t be involved in prayers.

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