“Lyon will be a great rugby city”: in front of a small crowd, LOU celebrates its European name

LOU won its first European title. (© LOU Rugby)

The excitement, excitement and a few hundred supporters lined up in front of the town on Tuesday June 7, 2022, two weeks after LOU beat Toulon in the Challenge Cup. LOU players and staff were welcomed at Lyon City Hall on Tuesday for a very fun evening.

The EELV Mayor of Lyon, Gregory Doucet, The gates of the town opened to the players who handed out the cup on the porch in front of a small group. Interest is reasonable but prime minister and president Yann Roubert hopes to increase the “win after win” interest and remembers that the “Matmut Stadium” is full.

“Lyon will be a great rugby city in the years to come”

It’s an opportune time for Lyon’s prime minister to salute the “great victory” that has left the “speakers speechless”. “A long way from Rugby, we first played there in the 19th century, between the two wars, Lyon was considered the capital of rugby in the South East,” the mayor recalled.

Grégory Doucet backed his desire “to make Lyon a great rugby city in the years to come” by recalling the five games of the 2023 World Cup in the capital Gaul and the hosting the All Black camp in Lyon.

He returned to the undefeated schedule of the Top 14 2024-2025 games, with Bordeaux selected by Lyon for the semi-finals.

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LOU wants to go further

“We haven’t had that name since 1933 and the head of the French league,” said Yann Roubert, president of LOU rugby. But “we don’t like him because we’re not in the back row of the Top 14”, regretted the Lyon manager.

“We know with this team we can go down the mountains, we can move forward. While leaving regrets, we continue to be angry about the competition and so you want to come back with wishes and thoughts for the future.

The LOU president explained that the majority of the team will have next season, “five to six new players and of course a new manager”.

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