Lillard: “LeBron, you play like a big scorer!”

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For several months, even years, the name of Damian Lillard was frequently mentioned on the Los Angeles side when the Blazers leader left. He could win the title with LeBron James, which is a lot of fun after this monthly announcement from 2011.

Damian Lillard No one asked in Portland, where he lived for 10 years in quiet Oregon, but his name always came out of the mouths of fans and viewers for a simple reason: he didn’t think His Blazers allowed him. quench his thirst for name. And in a lion where rings are highly regarded, many will teach him to leave.

Fortunately for him, at 31, and after a period in which the franchise has made a huge comeback, while missing the playoffs for the first time since 2013, things could change. Of course, his bosses are well aware that the leader is nearing the end of his bonus, and now is the time to give him an employee to match his talent. Thus shall they go Two big names to fill the resignation of CJ McCollum.

Lillard defeated LeBron after the 2011 Finals

But if the Blazers can’t convince free agents or mountain buyers, rumors of a departure will resurface around the lions, which is where the ink will flow. His name could go back to the Lakers ’side, where he gets it LeBron James, which is funny after the email is seen by internet users. After the Mavericks lost the Finals, Dame didn’t say:

LeBron James, I’m probably one of your biggest fans. But this team played on you like a scary guy!

A year before he arrived in the NBA, while at Weber State, Damian Lillard was stationed in front of his TV to follow the Finals between the King’s Heat and Dwyane Wade and the Mavericks. of Dirk Nowitzki … two favorite friends and starting a famous genealogy, they are surprised by the Germans, in another world during the international football games.

A result that is sure to hurt the Blazers ’leadership in the future, no doubt in the online media. On the other hand, he was a safe choice who changed his mind from his Draft, even though he could see how hard it would be to work normally and well in the hottest weather. No one said the Lede would be able to release XXL performances in the Finals, with the entire defense placed on it.

As a precaution, internet services were used in a very different way in the early 2010s, and it was common to see stars sending out more. debatenot in public. Damian Lillard probably didn’t expect this message to come out more ten years later.

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