La Rochelle won the first European Cup in its history celebrating a win against the Irish of Leinster

Of course the Irish would say a robbery of the Rochelai. After taking the lead for most of the meeting, team-mate Grégory Alldritt had fifteen minutes of insanity to win the snatch (24-21) against the Irish of Leinster in the match. end of the European Cup. Europe, Saturday May 28.

Here’s a question about the relationship and the topic. What do we want? La Rochelle and its insane developers were admitted by the group of junk sellers, but with its piece of junk and its flaws. Or, we might want the Irish clinical score, with a small but also good abuse, and the leg of the opener to punish the minor offense.

In a fused Velodrome stadium, the first scientist won more than the second. Thanks to the hungry and the poor West on foot, Rochelai won the first major title in their history. The final attempt to win marks the departure of a team that has not left. He was marked by half Arthur Retière on the ground at the back of the ruck, extending his hand to give the release to an entire field. Then he was tried on foot by Ihaia West.

Can't believe it!  Stade Rochelais made a third attempt against Leinster and could win the European title.  Retière stepped in and stretched out his hand to spread across the line.  The Orange Vélodrome is melting!

Troubled by La Rochelle’s heavy defense, the Leinstermen have been unable to put up a game that has allowed them to run in the competition so far (49 points and 6.7 tries on average each. play). They trusted their master and captain: Johnny Sexton was half flying. Thanks to his 18 points against the posts, his team has long hoped to retain his five -star title.

But Leinster were always close to the score and the stadium, two -thirds from La Rochelle, released its children during the break. shield line. If the first try of the game recorded Raymond Rhule (6-7, 10th) from a good return of three quarters, the action of the forwards is about, then very close, it is in the teacher of Pierre Bourgarit (18). -15, 61st), then time ahead of Retière (79th).

At the end of the break, Stade Rochelais won the top title thanks to a try from Retière (21-24).  The lengths of their controversy, the Maritimes got the point at the foot of Sexton.  One year after suffering the final blow, La Rochelle punished a combined stadium!

The fury of last year’s final was wiped away at the Stade Toulouse. La Rochelle joined Toulouse, Brive and Toulon, the French team that won the Champions Cup.

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