The nets were collected by KD’s best friend, is the big meeting coming ?!

The Nets will see some changes this summer, which is nice normal after injuring the Celtics. Some players are starting to put on their bikes, like one of Kevin Durant’s best friends, who wants to leave France to win the NBA.

The Nets need to go into the league with all three Kevin Durant / Kyrie Irving / James Harden, but after the midfielder left mid -season for Philadelphia, Steve Nash’s men couldn’t have done better than a heavy first round of the playoffs. To make matters worse, they are the only team that has not won a single game in this 2022. It is humbling in nature.

Despite this huge blow, the future of the Big Apple is still in sight, though I’m Simmons He had to make his big start at the beginning of the school year, and he had the means to cure the franchise’s serious ailments. Not only is he an elite defender, tall and strong, he has an amazing look of the game. In exchange, he will be delighted with Seth Curry and Joe Harris, two of the best athletes in the world.

Mike James wants to go back to Brooklyn!

And because the team is so talented, some veterans may struggle to sign up in Brooklyn this summer in hopes of landing a “easy” ring. For example, Mike James, the actor Kevin Durant went to see the EuroLeague in recent weeks, he has first expressed his desire to return. Monegasque life is good for the players, but the guide wants to return to the country with his friends.

Mike James wants to find Kevin Durant and play in Brooklyn, like the one inside. James played for Brooklyn in 2020-21. KD traveled to Monaco and Greece to see James play in the EuroLeague last month.

The Nets need to change staff to win the top race next season, and Mike James clearly sees himself returning to Brooklyn to develop with his good friend Kevin Durant, but to take over. from all his wickedness. Patty Mills has been a huge hit this season, a competitor can do everything after Kyrie Irving is a good fit. And if KD pushes his leaders a little further, negotiations can go faster!

Everyone knew Kevin Durant lake involved in the Nets hiring process, the return of Mike James cannot be ruled out. During his first season, he had 7.7 points and 4.2 assists, which was a huge boost.

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