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It was the match at the culmination of Day 7 of the Benin Volleyball Championships between Queens Vbc and Allada Vbc. At the end of the big debate, on Saturday June 4, 2022 at Unafrica de Cotonou, it was the Amazons of Queens Vbc who won without giving up Allada Vbc (3-0). Captain Faridatou Seidou and his teammates finished the first leg of the unsuccessful race and retained the seat of their leader.

And three for Benin’s Queens of volleyball finished the season, the first leg of the professional tournament with a flawless streak.

After the liberation of the troops, the Women of Adjidja Vbc, on the first day (3 sets a 1), the city of Calavi was attacked with a victory over Vesos (3 sets 1). ) for the story of the second day.

Sharing the chair with the Ladies of Allada, Queens Vbc is no exception. The queens, in their honor, will make good use of rule 3 of the tournament to win their seat in a team against Allada Vbc (3 sets 0), this Saturday June 4, 2022 at Unafrica at Cotonou …

Last page image of Allada Vbc…

Thinking, determination, execution, desire to win… This was one of the key values ​​highlighted by Amazones Queens Vbc in the conference. From the beginning, they make their goals clear. It’s taking the numbers out of the game and monopolizing the leadership position. And to spread the colors, they put up a 7-0 lead to their opponent of the day in less than five minutes and then easily opened the set (25-12).

The second came. There, the Queens lowered the speed and held on. Allada Vbc uses this and leads activities 09-15. Seeing the disaster to come, the Innocent Yaka/Saleck Yurri Tabé duo returned to their team and changed the design. Akimatou Cissé, Unoma Verity Onyegwu, Seflinmi Alice Agbodossindji, Mardiyatou Gnangbo, and others, now convicted, appreciate the advice of their teachers and return to count on the progress of game 10-16; 12-16; 13-16; 14-17; 15-17; 16-17; 17-17; 18-17; 19-18. Queens won the lesson from the end of this set, Queens maintained their integrity and won the set with injury (25-22).

Finally, the most important came, the third. Rafiatou Issa Idrissou, Lorreithe Akpa, and others, on field and on the side, continued their goal. They finished their game in a draw (25-20) and only grabbed the lead seat (3 sets to 0). After three games of the first leg, Queens Vbc couldn’t win and fulfilled its first mission in style (3/3). It should be noted that at the end of the Go division two volleyball players from Queens Vbc were honored by the MVP. They are Sandrine Toni Kodjrori against Adjidja Vbc and Rafiatou Issa Idrissou against Allada Vbc.

Day 7 of the Professional Volleyball tournament

Ma na Lede

Allada # Queens 0-3 (11-25, 22-25, 20-25)

In men

Allada # Fiannces 3 sets to 0 (25-18, 25-20, 27-25)

Sakare # Makai Repubalika 3-0 (25-21, 25-14, 25-19)

Cell/Com-Queens Vbc

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