“I don’t know where I’m going to play next year.”

Two years after her departure, Grace Zaadi did not expect to return to Lorraine immediately. But international events forced the French world to leave Russia and the Rostov team to join Metz until the end of the season.

Metz had a good chance at the Lions with a big win and a big win over their arch -rivals Brest. Between you, have you set yourself the challenge of winning all the games until the end?

Absolutely not. Our desire is to win titles. If we hold a few prisoners in our class, but we go to the end, it doesn’t matter. When we go to the field, we don’t think about this series.

You see the company two years after you left it. He is heavily criticized by Brest, the capital of France. Is the company making progress?

I have a team that has prospered even though the French head is missing. He did not live by his actions, by his story. The capital of France is almost in our hearts, because, in our history, it has been a long journey. This title is part of the history of French hand football and everyone wants to win.

Grace Zaadi is in a bad company

Can Metz shine in Europe?

The company has established itself among the best in Europe. He adds parts or parts. To win the title, as with any competition, you need a bar of luck. I think Metz will win this tournament as well. Metz was very popular in Europe.

On a personal level, you were nominated for the title of best actress in the world, but Sandra Toft was the winner …

Thanks to him. With Pauletta Foppa, we are French women, showcasing the health of our sport. But I’m thinking on top of everything and I’m looking forward to the team’s season.

“The company has big goals”

How did you find out about the events that forced you to leave Russia?

It’s not easy for anyone. Soon, Messina’s time showed itself, I had other ideas, but I knew where I was going, I knew the team clearly and they had big goals.

Where will you play next season?

I don’t know now. I want to fix it quickly, I want to be able to fix it myself.

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