World Cup 2023: Romania rejected because of Instagram?

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The Spanish website The World He said a Romanian player, from New Zealand, had broken some of the Rugby World rules, like Spain a few weeks ago. The show? The player’s Instagram story …

Who is the cattle? Remember. One month ago, the Romanian rugby team announced that Gavin Van den Berg, the Spanish player for South Africa, had been out of Spain for more than 60 days. Wolrd Rugby rules say one day to stay on the soil of the said country for the past 3 years with no rest for more than 60 days in order to be eligible for this national election.

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Not allowed to sign an unsuitable player (V.den Berg), Spain saw the assurance that Romania (Tomane) would do the same, so starting again in the right place for… Portugal. Amazing.#Palani2023

– 5 Melee (@5Melee) June 1, 2022

Since then, the file has been under trial and while the lawsuit is progressing, Spain has today been excluded from the 2023 World Cup. The World and we today have a similar case in the Romanian team. It’s about the center of New Zealand’s start -up but the Romanian world is Jason Tomane.

His online friend

How does a Spanish newspaper get certification? Thanks to the teammate’s Instagram story. According to the press, Jason Tomane has left Romania for 90 days in these famous 3 years.

In August 2019, Tomane’s partner released a photo of their vacation in Hungary. In February 2022, the young woman, the photo sponsor, confirmed she was in Zgegez in Hungary, for a longer period of time than allowed by World Rugby rules. A case like Gavin Van den Berg and Spain.

A sample from Portugal?

If Spain files a lawsuit and is deemed justified, who will benefit from this situation? Not to the Spaniards exactly. If World Rugby leaves, like Spain, all the numbers of games in which Jason Tomane has played – the Romanian center has played 4 matches of the Rugby European Championship against the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Georgia – Portugal qualify for World Cup in France.

Then Spain will be seen moving themselves to the Qualifying Tournament to be held at the end of 2022. Romania will be completely eliminated. This file seems incomplete. See you in the next section.

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