The crazy blockbuster trade expected between the Nets and the Lakers!

The Lakers and Nets had a similar season, ending in disappointment. We can anticipate a move in the coming months for two franchises, to the point where one would consider a traditional brand. This is the case of this historian, who is going strong with a large market, able to turn both conferences down.

The offseason didn’t start for the franchises, at least for the players, but there was a lot of news in the West, as well as in the East. In the Lakers, for example, we can imagine the move for the players. perhaps Russell Westbrook to stay last, according to the latest news, is likely to see changes with the players in the seat, especially with regard to the old ones.

The future is that Los Angeles can’t come back with the same team, not that when you see the fiasco the franchise has seen this season, you can’t win a ticket play-in. It’s a similar scenario for the Nets, who saw color in the first round of the playoffs, to take everyone with a broomstick against the Celtics. These two leaders were disappointed, but they really wanted to fix everything.

The usual trade -off between the Lakers and Nets?

So why not discuss it together? This is the idea raised by writer Bill Oram, of The Athletic, who is considering a deal between the Lakers and the Nets to improve. But be careful, because we’re not talking about a small business with bench players, but with superstars. In Colin Cowherd’s latest podcast, Oram thinks a trade -off between Westbrook and Kyrie Irving could be considered.

I don’t think it’s crazy to think of that kind of marketing. I don’t know if he can see the sunlight, but from a judicial point of view, he was right. In fact, the Nets are tired of seeing Kyrie Irving. The Lakers were tired of seeing Russell Westbrook. But in the end, the Nets see themselves as the best player and the best assets.

Yes, Irving is better than Westbrook, at least for now. It’s hard to believe the Nets are thinking of a trade, but it’s about the counterparty. If the Lakers can put together big assets, then everything in the NBA world can. However, there is no evidence that such trading will be seen in broad daylight, there are more problems.

I want to play with Irving on one foot rather than Westbrook

“The NBA Insider”

Russell Westbrook vs. Kyrie Irving? On paper, the Angelinos will send as many assets as possible. Probably not, but the topic could be discussed in the coming months. Be careful not to speak in the NBA.

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