Rugby World Cup: how the Var will seduce the Japanese crowd

Did Toulon rugby shine as far as the land of the eastern sun? Fifteen months before the start of the Rugby World Cup in France, he is the hopeful of the Toulon country, which is stepping up its credibility and seeking a tourist bonus.

If the Japanese VIP delegation spends half a day in Toulon, he will appreciate the popularity of the RCT, which is included in its historic stadium.

Also organized by the South’s local tourism committee, the four -day promotional tour, from the Riviera stadium in Nice to the Mucem in Marseille.

Japanese world player Hitoshi Ono walked to the grass of Mayol, in front of a handful of reporters from the Japanese newspaper. And it’s true that a big city in the south-east can’t claim a rugby style like Toulon.

Top of the line

“Hitoshi Ono saw Mayol Stadium, a temple of rugby, that’s part of the Toulon experience. He was happy, Magali Turbatte, Director of Operations and Global Assistance. The difficulty for Toulon lies between the two host cities of Nice and Marseille, where the games are played. ”

The delegates saw the harbor from a bird’s eye view, from the Mont-Faron cable car, before having lunch with their feet in the water at Anse Méjean.

But the card should adorn itself with hotels that match a high -end customer base and be explained as looking for the best. “history and natural heritage, art and culture, wine and gastronomy”and Atout France [l’agence de développement touristique de la France qui dépend du Quai d’Orsay]recognizing the Rugby World Cup as a “niche offers”.

The Var has a list of some ideas to put forward. In Paris, a Japanese tourist is estimated to spend an average of 179 euros per day per person.

At the time of South Africa

If we don’t have a Japanese campsite in our country, Japanese rugby fans can be tempted by the string of tourist attractions on the Mediterranean coast.

“Toulon is one hour from Nice and Marseillejoin Toulon’s elected official. For those coming from the ends of the earth, no one has to travel this far to visit Mayol and the RCT campus.

The Toulon site, as we know it, will be provided to the South African Springboks, where the reigning world champions train and prepare for their games.

There are no more tickets for sale for the (team) games to be played in Marseille “, confirms Magalie Turbatte. More than 75,000 tickets have been sold in South Africa, the largest number of visitors expected during the competition in France. This shows the amount of event and popular interest.

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